Pixologic’s ZBrush 4R2 wins CGW Silver Edge Award at Siggraph 2011

Posted on October 3, 2011 by Melissa


In what has already been touted as a stellar month in the world of digital clay, and fresh on the foot heels of the ZBrush 4R2 official launch, Pixologic staff were delighted to find news of the most recent success in their inboxes early this afternoon.

The energy in the community has been great, and this just helps to put more wind in the sails for what is already being discussed as arguably the best point update made available to date.

Siggraph 2011, in case you missed it, was a star studded event at the Pixologic booth. They didn’t disappoint, with wave after wave, of rock star quality industry professionals presenting the all new ZBrush 4R2.

“The new additions to ZBrush 4 R2 are awesome. I can’t think of not having it in my day to day creation of characters.”
—Brett Briley ID Software

Here’s to celebrating another win for the makers of the world’s favorite 3D sculpting software. Thumbs up to the entire Pixologic Team for their relentless efforts.

11 responses to “Pixologic’s ZBrush 4R2 wins CGW Silver Edge Award at Siggraph 2011”

  1. Benjamin says:


  2. Danny says:

    Well done, R2 has to be the best upgrade to whats already a fantastic artist tool set.

  3. zber2 says:

    Congratulations Pixologic! The new features in 4R2 are simply awesome. This, indeed, is a giant leap forward for ZBrush.

  4. Alok Ogale says:

    Congratulations Pixologic

  5. ninad kulkarni says:

    well done

  6. Josh Wells says:

    I just have to congratulate the folks at pixelogic for zbrush 4r2!!!!
    this update is miles ahead of any other creative application.
    best investment I’ve made.


  7. Luke Gaebe says:

    Thank you for giving us yet another reason to party. I think I should sculpt a cake, you there render us up some beer.

  8. Mostafa Mohsen says:

    congrats you really deserve it. Zbrush changed my life. I love Zbrush

  9. Talbot says:

    Congrats Pixilogic words cant even dicribe how awesome zbrush4r2 is . Best investment I have made. Cant wait to sse what zbrush4 r3? or zbrush 5 has to offer 🙂

  10. whydyy says:


  11. craigmac says:

    Well deserved pixologic!! I have never felt as free and happy as an artist as I am using Zbrush. Keep up the amazing work.

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