Ready, Set, Render!

Posted on October 12, 2011 by Melissa


Proving that render time is anytime, Pixolator puts the shine on the Bugatti above. Take a look at those reflections, just another example of the awesome power found inside ZBrush 4R2. The HDRI lighting rigs, and BPR render system are at the heart of what make this image so great. Pixologic’s ZBrush 4R2 “The Next Step in Digital Art.”

“Thanks to the enhancements to BPR and the new LightCap and BPR Filters in Z4R2, you are now able to achieve higher quality renders quite easily (and faster than previously possible). Furthermore, in Z4R2, the rendering engine has been updated to a full 32 bits per channel pipeline, this includes all the shaders and MatCaps. The new MatCaps are now able to process 96bits per pixel; which is exactly what you get when you use the LightCap system to create MatCaps. The Diffuse and Specular maps that are created by LightCap are composed of 32 bits per channel and therefore, are far superior to any 8 bits per channel imported images.” — Pixolator

To view a video on how Pixolator set up the “studio lights” in this model, visit ZBrushCentral.

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  1. tom smith says:

    this is suppose to be posted in the car render topic but above where i type it says Halloween challenge.

    no one is replying on the forum or here after he updated it step by step because they still don’t understand it.

  2. cleave says:

    ready set do not understander

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