ZBrush Industry Spotlight: Power-Up Heroes

Posted on October 24, 2011 by Melissa


Artists Luis Antonio (aka CastorPT) and Raphael Boyon (aka bohemond) have recently posted a few of the suits they created for Kinect “Power-Up Heroes.” The characters were sculpted 100% with ZBrush and had to fit within a very specific silhouette.

“The cybernetic guy was a great challenge since we never got a final concept for it. I used polypaint to draw patterns on the body until we found a armor design that would work (his back and arms open to release miniguns and rocket launchers). It was great to conceptualize directly in 3D and be able to see it come to live.” — Luis Antonio, Ubisoft

Concept art: Jordan Ratzlaff & Chen-Yu Shen
Modeling and texturing: Zhao Fei, Luis Antonio, Raphael Boyon

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