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Featured ZBC Thread: artsunshine



This fighter steps out of the dark and into the spotlight on Top Row. Artist and ZBrush Central member artsunshine delivers a pound for pound contender with this scene sculpted in everyone’s favorite 3D software, ZBrush.

See the entire thread at ZBrushCentral.

Pixologic’s ZBrush remains the heavy weight champion of digital sculpting with another convincing knockout.

New ZBrush Tutorial from ZBrushWorkshops



Happy Monday ZBrushers! We hope you all enjoyed the long weekend (those of you who got to enjoy it). If you spent more time eating turkey than you did working on your ZBrush skills, don’t worry. There’s time to redeem yourself. ZBrushWorkshop’s is offering a live online Introduction to ZBrush 4R2 class this weekend, December 3-4. This 2 Day ZBrush intensive is designed to teach you the fundamentals of ZBrush and put you on the path to mastery. Each day consists of two sessions, a morning and an afternoon and each session lasts for around three hours. The course is based off of Ryan’s definitive Introduction to ZBrush 4R2 workshop.

Sign up for the ZBrush 4R2 Intensive Workshop at ZBrushWorkshops.

Chasing the Bumps in the Night with Maarten Verhoeven



The work of Maarten Verhoeven touches on those areas of the subconscious many artists strive to visit. Sure enough, Maarten hasn’t just visited, he’s stayed a while. Hear Maarten’s comments on his workflow, methods and his general ideas on all things art related. Check out his incredible ZBrush sculptures and interview at See why ZBrush and Dynamesh are giving him more freedom, and helping him realize his creative dreams.

Quench Your Design Thirst with ZBrush



Providing a cool break with his water world designs, ZBrush artist waynedfx, shows that everyone’s favorite 3D sculpting software sure can make it rain. See the breakdown, and the process by which ZBrush was used to create this inspiring advertising campaign for the South African market at ZBrushCentral.

Something tells us things just got a lot cooler on the African continent.

ZBC Featured Thread: coridium



Diamonds and Jewels are forever in ZBrush. See the incredible work of ZBrush artist Chris Brown, aka Coridium, as he takes his rightful spot on the Top Row. Watch as he demonstrates the jewelry making power of ZBrush. See his process unfold as he includes tutorial slides and a video on the ZBrush Central Forum.

View it all at ZBrushCentral.

Artist in Action: Scott Eaton and Michael Defeo



Two uber talented ZBrush artists have recently teamed up to create a new app that will help demystify the human anatomy for artists. The app features Scott Eaton’s updated version of the Houdon sculpture, and has full 3D tumble and zoom functionality. Michael Defeo (check out his ZBrush 4R2 beta tester thread) got the idea after taking Scott Eaton’s “Anatomy for Artsits” class online (enroll here). He was inspired to make an educational tool for artists to use while sculpting, both traditionally and digitally.

To learn more about how ZBrush was used in the process, see the video Michael posted here.

Want to learn more about anatomy from one of the best sculptors in the industry? Enroll in Scott Eaton’s “Digital Figure Sculpture” course here.

Featured ZBC Thread: Kotelnikoff



An old favorite with a new twist! Ubisoft character modeler, Arnaud Kotelnikoff takes on all comers with this awesome update to a classic Samurai Shodown character: Earthquake.

The ground is still shaking.

Catch the thread at ZBrushCentral.

Featured ZBC Thread: mane162



Jose Manuel Linares Lopez hits it big on the Top Row! Check out the incredible thread by visiting, ZBrushCentral. See the whimsical creations of concept artists Brett Bean, Katy Hargrove, and Denis Zilber brought to life in full 3D. Don’t forget to visit Jose Manuel Linares Lopez’s website.

See all the other amazing posts, on the world’s favourite 3D forum, by visiting ZBrushCentral. Don’t get left out of the action, join today!

ZBrush at the CTN Animation Expo



This year, the Pixologic Team is pleased to announce our participation in the CTN Animation Expo. This event is the only one of its kind. The event brings together a diverse group of artists, from both the 2D and 3D worlds. Join us, as we celebrate the past, present and future achievements of industry recognized artists at this year’s event.

In case you haven’t heard, CTN is short for the Creative Talent Network, and the expo will no doubt be a hot bed for creative talent. With live demonstrations, networking receptions, master workshops, panel discussions, and professional exhibits to name a few; you can bet this year’s expo will no doubt be even more popular than last year.

Some of the artists appearing at the ZBrush booth (#43) include: Michael DeFeo, Kevin Garcia, Bryan Wynia, Mark Dedecker, Young Choi, Zac Petroc, Dustin Blattner, Stefano Dubay, David Igo, and Katon Callaway. To learn more about the artists, view some of their artwork, and see a presentation schedule, visit the CTN Animation Expo UGM Page.

We’ll see you there!

Pixologic’s ZBrush helps start a “Dinosaur Revolution”



Kris Kelly and a talented team of artists, David Krentz (Director, Lead Storyboard Artist, Lead Modeler), Ricardo Delgado (Storyboard Artist, Concept Artist), Douglas Martin (VFX Supervisor), Angie Rodrigues (Concept Artist, Modeler, Texture Artist), Bryant Hardwick (Texture Artist, Lighting & Rendering), Aaron Hamman (Texture Artist, Modeler), and Vlad Konstantinov (Modeler) step back in time with the world’s number one 3D sculpting software and show that ZBrush has bite.

Bringing these prehistoric monsters to life was no easy task. As sure footed as ever, ZBrush was there to help take a big bite outta the dinos.

See more of this incredible project by visiting ZBrushCentral.

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