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ZBrush Student Challenge at MIGS 2011



Our “live” ZBrush 4R2 Student Game Character Challenge at the Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) on November 2, once again proved to be a great success with 20 students being challenged to create a ‘Time Bandit’ game character in ZBrush 4R2, “live” from scratch in 3 hours!

The contest was presented, mentored and judged on behalf of Pixologic, by the team of pro artists at THQ Montreal, lead by David Giraud and Marco “Splash” Plouffe –big thanks to you guys!

Creations were judged by the THQ panel on the basis of:

Artistic skill and overall design
Most creative and original interpretation of theme
Best use of ZBrush 4R2 tools and features

The ZBrush “live” real time challenge created a thrilling and captivating buzz, as students’ creations came to life on monitors and a large projection screen in the designated MIGS competition arena.

A big ‘thank you’ to the MIGS 2011 organizers, and to all student ‘ZBrushers’ who participated. We were very impressed with the standard of work and hope you enjoyed the experience and opportunity to show your artistic skills and creativity under the pressure and glare of fellow artists and students. We hope to do more live ZBrush ‘sculpt – offs’ in the future!

Gold – 1st place: Maxime Masse
Silver- 2nd place: Emilien Fontaine
Bronze- 3rd place: Jean-Philippe Toutant

Each receive a full commercial license of ZBrush 4R2

Special mentions and ZBrush training DVD’s go to: Obed Jose and François Bergeron Demers

Maxime Masse, the winner, commented:

“I didn’t know what kind of competition to expect but it ended up really fun. The theme (“Time Bandits”) was interesting but I had no actual design in head. I simply went ahead and figured it out along the way, which is one on the good things ZBrush allows us to do, especially now. The 3 hour limit is very challenging but I guess that’s what brings out your best. Thank you for the challenge and the opportunity!”

Please see the MIGS 2011 ZBrush 4R2 Student Game Character Challenge images below.

Images courtesy of the NAD Center.

Turntable Gallery Updates



The newest artist to be added to the ZBrush Turntable Gallery is lead modeler and co-founder of Lemonade3d Studio, Milivoj Popovic. Things might not look so great for Stipe the Shield Tester, but luckily he’s made in ZBrush.

“ZBrush blew my mind with it’s powerful tools and brushes! It removed many annoying technical obstacles giving me incredible freedom in my creative work process. It’s innovations in the field of digital sculpting and image rendering are truly awesome, and as they say-There’s no price for awesomeness!”
—Milivoj Popovic, Lemonade3d Studio

View Milivoj’s Turntable
See more images at Milivoj’s thread on ZBrushCentral

ZBrush Workshops: Introduction to ZBrush 4R2



It was another monster infested Halloween, and to celebrate, The ZBrush Workshops are offering zombie making sessions.

Join Ryan Kingslien, as he guides you through the all new features of ZBrush 4R2. With over 32 hours of content, you won’t want to look away.

An offer so good, it’s scary!

View the first two hours for free at ZBrush Workshops

New Tutorials from Digital Tutors



Digital Tutors has just added three new tutorials to their repertoire, including “Modeling a Female Hero in ZBrush and Maya,” “Texturing a Female Hero in ZBrush 4,” and “ZBrush Reference Library: 3D Brushes.” In these new videos, you will be learning about the large library of brushes in ZBrush, and how to sculpt and texture a final product. Happy ZBrushing!

Texturing a Female Hero in ZBrush 4
Modeling a Female Hero in ZBrush and Maya
ZBrush Reference Library: 3D Brushes

Find more ZBrush tutorials at our 3rd Party Training Page.

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