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Dominance War 5: Winners Announced



For several years now, the annual Dominance War competition by has been one of our favorite events. It is a highly demanding challenge with very strict rules that push artists to create some of the most incredible game models ever seen. These figures defy what is typically considered possible for a game character, creating insane amounts of detail with strict economy of polygons.

Small wonder that ZBrush often features prominently as a tool of choice among the winners!

This year’s Dominance War V marks the final chapter in the DW saga. We put out a call for entries way back in April and created a special forum for participants to post and share their WIP’s. Spend some time browsing the forum; you’ll find some true gems!

Because this year brought talent out of the wood work, the judges had an incredibly difficult time determining the winners. At long last, however, they have announced the results! Of the ten champions in the 3D category, we know that at least half used ZBrush and posted here at ZBC. That includes the World Champion!

See who the winners are at

New Turntable: Mohamed Abdelfatah



We have recently added a new artist to the ZBrush Turntable Gallery! Newcomer Mohamed Abdelfatah recently posted a fantasy character called Chamaro on ZBrushCentral, and that’s what caught our attention. Check out the 360 view of the character at our Turntable Gallery, and see more images at Mohamed’s thread on ZBC. Congrats Mohamed! We hope to see more from you in the future.

One Scar At A Time



Dr Phillip Manning is one of the worlds leading paleontologists specializing in dinosaur anatomy using scar patterns on fossils to asses and calculate muscle attachment etc. Phil and his team use sophisticated tech to calculate muscle mass and weight and the images Peter Minister shows in his thread at ZBC are the early results. The model will be used in printed publications along with some animation for a sequence in a national geographic produced documentary.

Visit ZBrushCentral to view more shots of the T-Rex.

Featured ZBC Thread: mutte696 – 500,000 Views!



The ZBC sketchbook of ZBrush artist Maarten Verhoeven (aka mutte696) has just reached 500,000 views! A member since early 2009, Maarten has made over 450 posts and has a plethora of incredible images made in ZBrush. If you’re in the need of inspiration, this is the thread to check out.

Read through all 60+ pages of Maarten’s sketchbook here, and check out his user gallery here.

ZBrush 4R2b Preview: FiberMesh



We are pleased to announce the official launch date for ZBrush 4R2b has been scheduled for January 23th, 2012. ZBrush 4R2b will be released as a patch update to version 4R2, and is free of charge to all ZBrush registered users.

With each new release of ZBrush, we introduce new features that we hope will enable you to further explore your creativity while having a lot of fun in the process.

Originally ZBrush 4R2b was scheduled to be released in December and focus on fixing previously reported problems. Not fully satisfied with this original intent, we could not resist adding new and exciting features. FiberMesh is one of these features, which will have a significant impact on your ZBrush creations.

For more information and to watch the preview video of the upcoming FiberMesh feature, visit ZBrushCentral.

New Turntable: Claudine Nascimento



Claudine Nascimento (ZBC user name “mulungu”) has just been added to the ZBrush Turntable Gallery. The model that won him the nod is a very detailed and well textured bust. Check out the image in his thread at ZBrushCentral, and the 360 view in his Turntable Gallery.

ZBrush Industry Spotlight: Tintin



The Tintin franchise is well beyond established. Having touched the lives of comic book enthusiasts for several decades, and making appearances in the form of animated television programming, Georges Remi’s character looks like he and his counterpart Snowy are certainly here to stay.

Bringing Tintin and the gang into the 3d realm isn’t easy. Weta Digital took to the task of bringing this old favorite to life using state of the art technology. With Steven Spielberg as director for this outing, it’s no doubt that Tintin will continue to inspire for years to come.

See how ZBrush helped digital sculptors with asset creation for this future classic in the latest issue of CG World.

Featured ZBC Thread: xjgd4321



Get up and groove with this lively sculpture. ZBrush Central artist, xjgd4321, shows he’s got the moves with his latest post. Ji Gong may have died in 1209, but nothing is stopping him from dancing his way onto Top Row. See the entire thread at ZBrushCentral.

ZBrush 4R2B is coming soon. It looks like some people can’t wait to sing and dance about it.

Featured ZBC Thread: PSTCHOART



ZBC Veteran “PSTCHOART” (also known as Tsvetomir Georgiev) has posted a few images he made for Aaron Sim’s short film ARCHETYPE. ZBrush was used heavily for the designs. Check out his thread at ZBrushCentral to see all of the artwork.

New Training Video from Eat 3D



Eat 3D has just released another video tutorial in their ZBrush series. Mike Jensen is back and demonstrating more of his hard surface techniques. In this video he will show you how to create character armor.

From Eat 3D’s website:
“Mike starts off giving an overview of all the techniques and basics that will be covered in the creation of a full armor set. He then starts concepting the character armor and then building out the main shapes for the final. Mike then begins to detail the final armor and brings it all to portfolio quality sculpt. Finally he talks a little about how to pose your model and bring it into 3d Studio Max to render with VRay and then compositing the final in Photoshop.”

Check out for more information and to purchase the DVD/download.

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