Daily Archive for December 29th, 2011

Featured ZBC Thread: mutte696 – 500,000 Views!



The ZBC sketchbook of ZBrush artist Maarten Verhoeven (aka mutte696) has just reached 500,000 views! A member since early 2009, Maarten has made over 450 posts and has a plethora of incredible images made in ZBrush. If you’re in the need of inspiration, this is the thread to check out.

Read through all 60+ pages of Maarten’s sketchbook here, and check out his user gallery here.

ZBrush 4R2b Preview: FiberMesh



We are pleased to announce the official launch date for ZBrush 4R2b has been scheduled for January 23th, 2012. ZBrush 4R2b will be released as a patch update to version 4R2, and is free of charge to all ZBrush registered users.

With each new release of ZBrush, we introduce new features that we hope will enable you to further explore your creativity while having a lot of fun in the process.

Originally ZBrush 4R2b was scheduled to be released in December and focus on fixing previously reported problems. Not fully satisfied with this original intent, we could not resist adding new and exciting features. FiberMesh is one of these features, which will have a significant impact on your ZBrush creations.

For more information and to watch the preview video of the upcoming FiberMesh feature, visit ZBrushCentral.

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