Dominance War 5: Winners Announced

Posted on December 31, 2011 by Melissa


For several years now, the annual Dominance War competition by has been one of our favorite events. It is a highly demanding challenge with very strict rules that push artists to create some of the most incredible game models ever seen. These figures defy what is typically considered possible for a game character, creating insane amounts of detail with strict economy of polygons.

Small wonder that ZBrush often features prominently as a tool of choice among the winners!

This year’s Dominance War V marks the final chapter in the DW saga. We put out a call for entries way back in April and created a special forum for participants to post and share their WIP’s. Spend some time browsing the forum; you’ll find some true gems!

Because this year brought talent out of the wood work, the judges had an incredibly difficult time determining the winners. At long last, however, they have announced the results! Of the ten champions in the 3D category, we know that at least half used ZBrush and posted here at ZBC. That includes the World Champion!

See who the winners are at