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New ZBrush Book: “Secrets of ZBrush Experts”



Course Technology PTR announced the publication of “Secrets of ZBrush Experts: Tips, Techniques and Insights for Users of All Abilities” by Daryl Wise and Marina Anderson. ZBrush is the digital sculpting and painting program used for animation, film, video and computer gaming that has revolutionized the 3D industry. The artists featured in this book use ZBrush to create 3D models for some of the most prestigious studios in the industry such as Disney, Weta Digital, Sony, Dreamworks, Blur and Digital Domain.

Secrets of ZBrush Experts is organized by artist and details the background of each expert and includes techniques, insights, resources and an image gallery highlighting their personal and professional work. Secrets of ZBrush Experts allows the reader the opportunity to take a look into the creative process of these remarkable artists.

The book also features a companion website that includes image galleries, motion graphics, tutorials, favorite Internet links, and free content. This book and web resource will provide inspiration, insight and practical advice for ZBrush artists of all abilities.

To get your copy, visit or

3 New Courses from CG Society



CG Society has three new ZBrush courses open for enrollment in their workshop series. Each course is led by one of three heavy hitters in the CG community, including Katon Callaway (Santa Monica Studio), Bryan Wynia (Sony Santa Monica), and Jon Rush (EA Bioware). If honing your ZBrush skills is on your list of New Years resolutions, take advantage of learning from the best in the business. Space is limited and filling up quickly, so don’t wait to see if Santa is going to put these courses in your stocking!

The courses are:
“High-end Fantasy Game Art Creation” with Katon Callaway (8 weeks)
“Concept Sculpting and Maquettes” with Bryan Wynia (3 weeks)
“Modern Game Art: Weapons” with Jon Rush (3 weeks)

The REAL in Real Fighters



ZBrush helps bring these prize fighters to life. To many people, the process of rapid prototyping sounds like something out of a science fiction movie. Well, it’s as “REAL” as it gets with Legacy Effects in this Hollywood blockbuster. Read more at about how this interesting technology is changing the way movies are made, and digital assets are literally brought to life. Watch ZBrush at the center of it all.

Read the interview at

Modern Warfare Breaks $1 Billion In Only 16 Days



Since its inception, the Modern Warfare brand has steam rolled the competition. With the latest release having already established itself as the highest grossing game in history, at a whopping 1 Billion dollars in only 16 days, there isn’t much left to contest.

Being the greatest isn’t easy. It takes serious tools to create a game with the impact of Modern Warfare 3. At the core of this franchise is the World’s greatest 3d sculpting software, ZBrush. Over the course of the franchises existence, ZBrush has been a go-to weapon of choice for the designers and developers of the world’s fastest selling entertainment property.

As Joe Salud at Sledgehammer states, ZBrush is “awesome, everything comes out as real geometry, then you can bake that into a normal map – the results are extremely convincing and the way it reacts to light is better.”

ZBrush continues to lead digital soldiers onto the battlefield the world over.

Anatomy Tools Workshop: Human Anatomy in ZBrush



Enrollment is now open for “Human Anatomy in ZBrush,” a two weekend workshop from Anatomy Tools. Andrew Cawrse (former CG Model Supervisor at ILM) will be teaching this digital drawing and sculpting of the human anatomy during this four day workshop taught over two consecutive weekends (June 16-17 and 23-24, 9am-5pm each day). Space is limited and filling up quickly, so if you’re in the San Francisco bay area, sign up now!

To enroll in “Human Anatomy in ZBrush,” visit

Ready, Set, Render: Part 2



Pixolator has posted a new video featuring the beefed up BPR in the upcoming ZBrush 4R2b. This video explains the steps he used to create a realistic skin surface.

“In the previous “Ready, Set, Render!” thread, I demonstrated the use of BPR when rendering a ‘hard-surface’ model. This time, I opted to demonstrate the use of Z4R2b BPR for rendering an organic surface, in particular, a skin surface. For this test, I used an excellent head sculpt created by ZBrush artist Majid Esmaeili.” -Pixolator

Check out the thread and view the video at ZBrushCentral.

ZBrush Industry Spotlight: Immortals



Proving again that ZBrush can handle even the toughest terrain, see how the environment details in Immortals came to life.

You can read the entire article at, and see behind the scenes interactive slides. Hear what Image Engine’s VFX supervisor, Simon Hughes has to say about the entire process and the star power of ZBrush.

Looks like Mickey Rourke’s got some competition.

Click here to read the interview from

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