Daily Archive for January 4th, 2012

ZBrush Industry Spotlight: Akama Studios



Making it a “clayful” Christmas across the pond, the Akama Studios team took to the task of bringing these holiday characters to life.

VFX supervisor Vang Cki commented, “we did not have designs for the characters. We used pictures of real toys as references and, thanks to ZBrush’s modeling tools, we were able to quickly have various proposals for each character and respond promptly to requests of the director.”

Watch as these characters come to life by visiting 3D World Magazine online.

New ZBrush Courses from Digital Tutors



Digital Tutors has just released a few new ZBrush courses, specifically in their “Creative Development” series. Dive deeper into caracter and creature concept sculpting, workflows, and much more. Check out DigitalTutors.com to view more of their ZBrush courses, and visit our 3rd Party Training Page for other courses.

What’s new at Digital Tutors:

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