CG Society 2011 Top 20: ZBrush 4R2 2nd Overall

Posted on January 12, 2012 by Melissa


CG Society is a cornerstone in the digital art world. The site is a hotbed for talent, and serves as a showcase for what is happening and considered relevant in our industry.

The annual CG Retrospective celebrates the achievements of the men and women who make our industry so dynamic. The ranking is dictated by a public voting system striving to keep its ear to the street. This year, Pixologic’s ZBrush 4R2 is sitting in the number two spot overall. Let’s not forget ZBrush’s little sister, Sculptris holding down the number 16 spot! We are delighted and thrilled that both applications are considered among such tremendous competition.

Visit for a full rundown of the nominees.

The fans have been supportive of Pixologic’s ZBrush in previous years, and helped push ZBrush into the Top 20 on more than one occasion. Having been nominated over the course of the last 5 years, we are grateful to all our supporters and community members on ZBrush Central for helping propel Pixologic and ZBrush into the number two spot this year.

Until next year, keep on ZBrushing.