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Bringing a Submarine Duck to Life



When kids dream, they dream big. Sometimes, these dreams go beyond what’s available for parents to purchase on toy store shelves. Fortunately, with Pixologic’s ZBrush and Shapeways 3d printing, parents will be ready to help meet even the most discerning child designers wants.

Kira, and her Submarine Duck, are certainly pointing to the future of custom toy production.

See the entire story at

New Age Warrior



Check out the amazing work of EA artist Abraham Valdez, in this awesome interview at

Read the in depth interview, and get the up close and personal perspective on what makes him tick. When creating characters Abraham says, “I use ZBrush and am most impressed by the team at Pixologic. They’re constantly updating the software and adding new tools. ZBrush changed the quality and the length of time it takes to develop characters and so I fall into the category of artists that love ZBrush.”

We appreciate the praise, and know there is a whole lot going on over at EA that keeps the phrase, “It’s in the Game” alive and well.

Read the interview at

Artist in Action: Jon Rush



CG Society has recently posted an interview featuring the artwork of Jonathan Rush, a Character Artist who has been working with EA-Bioware on their upcoming MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Jon used ZBrush heavily in his development of the characters in the game.

“ZBrush is a terrific package, and I get the most mileage out of the Dynamesh, and Shadowbox tools. Both let me get ideas down quickly, and are easy to iterate and build upon. Forms that would take quite a while to create in a traditional 3D package are made very easily using these two tools. I also love the wide array of brushes offered in ZBrush, and the high level of customization I can impose.”
- Jon Rush

Read the full interview at CG Society.

ZBrush Industry Spotlight: Akama Studios



Making it a “clayful” Christmas across the pond, the Akama Studios team took to the task of bringing these holiday characters to life.

VFX supervisor Vang Cki commented, “we did not have designs for the characters. We used pictures of real toys as references and, thanks to ZBrush’s modeling tools, we were able to quickly have various proposals for each character and respond promptly to requests of the director.”

Watch as these characters come to life by visiting 3D World Magazine online.

New ZBrush Courses from Digital Tutors



Digital Tutors has just released a few new ZBrush courses, specifically in their “Creative Development” series. Dive deeper into caracter and creature concept sculpting, workflows, and much more. Check out to view more of their ZBrush courses, and visit our 3rd Party Training Page for other courses.

What’s new at Digital Tutors:

Featured ZBC Post: SiGe111



Showcasing the creative possibilities inside ZBrush’s BPR (Best Preview Render) system, SiGe1111 takes his sculpt to the next level, and uses BPR to get there. Take a look at the entire post at ZBrushCentral.

Happy New Year from Pixologic!



2011 was an extraordinary year filled with amazing new developments and unbelievable art work. We are delighted to end the year on such a high note. We look forward to riding the coat-tails of our latest release announcement, scheduled for January 23, 2012. We are sure the release of ZBrush 4R2b, will continue to inspire and promote creativity in all of you.

The New Year promises to be filled with Noise and Fibers.

On behalf of the entire Pixologic Team, have a safe and prosperous New Year!

See you all on ZBrush Central in 2012.

- The Pixologic Team

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