Daily Archive for February 10th, 2012

New Turntable: Daniele Angelozzi



Artist Daniele Angelozzi has recently provided a few turntables of his top row image of the Joker (see his thread at ZBC). The model was made using many of the powerful new features in ZBrush 4R2b.

“This was also the first model in which i used the FiberMesh feature to create hairs, and I had real fun with the grooming process that is really simple and straightforward. This also gave me the possibility to render the entire composition using the built in BPR render with the LightCap feature. The clothes were realized using a hand painted tilable texture as displacement, saving me from having too dense meshes on those Subtools.” —Daniele Angelozzi

View Daniele Angelozzi’s image at the ZBrush Turntable Gallery.

Featured ZBC Thread: PSTCHOART



ZBC veteran Tsvetomir Georgiev (aka PSTCHOART), has received another top row nod for his bust made entirely in ZBrush 4R2b. The model utilizes the new feature, FiberMesh, and is rendered using materials in the updated BPR. The final product is an amazing photorealistic image that is truly inspirational.

View Tsvetomir’s Top Row Thread.
See more work from Tsvetomir at his User Gallery at ZBrushCentral.com.

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