Daily Archive for February 24th, 2012

ZBrush Industry Spotlight: Creature Workshop



An exhibition of animatronic monsters, dinosaurs, and animals has been touring the world courtesy of John Cox from Creature Workshop (Australia). While these creatures were made the traditional way, completely by had without any digital assistance, Cox theorizes that this method is a dying art: “I have a feeling that in about three years’ time this may be renamed the history of animatronics because it really will be very old school.”

Seems bleak for the traditional sculpting world, but Cox believes ZBrush is going to pick up where the physical clay left off. “There are three sculpting programmes – ZBrush, Mudbox and Modo – and ZBrush is the one everyone’s using now. It’s digital clay, you don’t have to sculpt the little things any more, you can just sculpt it straight away in the computer” Cox stated.

Traditional sculpting may or may not be on the decline, but we always think it’s a good idea to trade a burnisher for a stylus.

New Turntable: Patricio Ruales López



We are pleased to welcome newcomer Patricio Ruales Lopez to the ZBrush Turntable Gallery! Better known as patokali on ZBrushCentral, Patricio was inducted into the gallery with his African Warrior sculpt. He started with ZSpheres to make the basic mesh, and after modeling, he used Spotlight for the painting. There’s a lot of action in this sculpt, so we can’t wait to see more from Patricio in the future.

View Patricio’s Turntable

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