New Turntable: Patricio Ruales López



We are pleased to welcome newcomer Patricio Ruales Lopez to the ZBrush Turntable Gallery! Better known as patokali on ZBrushCentral, Patricio was inducted into the gallery with his African Warrior sculpt. He started with ZSpheres to make the basic mesh, and after modeling, he used Spotlight for the painting. There’s a lot of action in this sculpt, so we can’t wait to see more from Patricio in the future.

View Patricio’s Turntable

1 Response to “New Turntable: Patricio Ruales López”

  • Excellent work, with very sleek lines, enhancing the details without being overdone, resulting in a highly realistic. Congratulations, and hope to see more, as this work.
    Again, congratulations.

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