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Featured ZBC Thread: Ramirezz



Artist Filip Novy (ZBC user name: Ramirezz) has just received another Top Row award for his recent post, Lady van Reuzel Likes it Rough. The image was inspired by a story written by the artist’s friend, Ondrej Malota. It’s definitely an interesting tale, but the image is even more jaw dropping. This is one to bookmark for whenever you’re lacking inspiration. You may remember Filip from a previous top row thread, Just This Last Job, which also has a story to go along with it. We hope to see more from Filip in the future!

See Filip’s Top Row Thread at
See more from Filip at his User Gallery

ZBrush Workshop at NextEngine



Join as at NextEngine headquarters for a presentation. In this session we will create a clay sculpture, then 3D scan it with the NextEngine scanner, import into ZBrush to add rich detail, then output the final creation from ZBrush to 3D printer.

February 17th, 2012

NextEngine, Inc.
401 Wilshire Blvd., Ninth Floor
Santa Monica, California 90401
(310) 883-1888

Start Time
12:00PM – 2:00PM
(30 minutes scanning with NextEngine, 90 minutes ZBrush)
Arrive at 11:00AM for food, drink, and to get clay for creating your very own sculpture.
Stay till 5:00PM if you want to play and learn some more from the NextEngine and Pixologic staff.

The Workshop
Step #1: Sculpt in Clay
Step #2: 3D Scan your creation
Step #3: Digitally Sculpt in ZBrush to add + refine detail
Step #4: 3D Print the final object

Space is limited, so send and email to to save your seat and get more info.

Featured ZBC Thread: sleepfight



ZBC user sleepfight has received a top row nod for his bot concept he has created. The clean lines of the character and the gun are great examples of what ZBrush is capable of.

Check out sleepfight’s top row post on

New Turntable: Daniele Angelozzi



Artist Daniele Angelozzi has recently provided a few turntables of his top row image of the Joker (see his thread at ZBC). The model was made using many of the powerful new features in ZBrush 4R2b.

“This was also the first model in which i used the FiberMesh feature to create hairs, and I had real fun with the grooming process that is really simple and straightforward. This also gave me the possibility to render the entire composition using the built in BPR render with the LightCap feature. The clothes were realized using a hand painted tilable texture as displacement, saving me from having too dense meshes on those Subtools.” —Daniele Angelozzi

View Daniele Angelozzi’s image at the ZBrush Turntable Gallery.

Featured ZBC Thread: PSTCHOART



ZBC veteran Tsvetomir Georgiev (aka PSTCHOART), has received another top row nod for his bust made entirely in ZBrush 4R2b. The model utilizes the new feature, FiberMesh, and is rendered using materials in the updated BPR. The final product is an amazing photorealistic image that is truly inspirational.

View Tsvetomir’s Top Row Thread.
See more work from Tsvetomir at his User Gallery at

10th Annual VES Awards Recipients



Congratulations to all the artists at ILM that have participated in the creation of Rango!

The Visual Effects Society has announced the winners of the 10th Annual VES Awards. The annual event recognizes achievements in the visual effects industry in both film and television.

Rango, which used ZBrush heavily, was the big winner this year, ending the night with four awards:

  • Outstanding Visual Effects in an Animated Feature Motion Picture – Rango: Tim Alexander, Hal Hickel, Jacqui Lopez, Katie Lynch
  • Outstanding Animated Character in an Animated Feature Motion Picture – Rango: Frank Gravatt, Kevin Martel, Brian Paik, Steve Walton
  • Outstanding Created Environment in an Animated Feature Motion Picture – Rango: Main Street Dirt: John Bell, Polly Ing, Martin Murphy, Russell Paul
  • Outstanding Virtual Cinematography in an Animated Feature Motion Picture – Rango: The Dirt Saloon: Colin Benoit, Philippe Rebours, Nelson Sepulveda, Nick Walker

For a full list of the award winners, visit the Visual Effects Society website.

Congratulations Frank!!

“ZBrush has allowed me total freedom as a sculptor in a 3D world. Being able to take a model so much further than before sculpturally has been a dream come true. With ZBrush I believe I’ve come full circle with my goals in life.” —Frank Gravatt – ZBrush artist and creature modeler, Industrial Light and Magic

Check out our interview with ILM on the making of Rango. It’s packed full of images and inside info from the artists. For more interviews from the top artists and studios in the industry, take a look at our User Stories page.

Featured ZBC Thread: danko75



ZBrush artist Daniele Angelozzi (aka Danko75 on ZBC) has put the new features of ZBrush 4R2b to good use in his take on The Joker. The model was made for a contest on the Italian CG forum, and was all done in ZBrush. The hair was made using the new FiberMesh feature, and the render passes were done with BPR.

Visit to see Daniele’s top row post, and to check out his User Gallery.

New ZBrush Tutorial from Digital Tutors



This new course from Digital Tutors will go through the process of conceptualizing creatures with the help of ZBrush. The multiple features of ZBrush 4R2, including DynaMesh, ZSpheres, and ShadowBox can help you create the basics of a creature in minimal time, cutting down the final production time. This isn’t a step by step, but rather a discussion of the different methods you can use to create a creature as efficiently as possible.

To watch a preview and purchase the course, visit

For more courses from Digital Tutors and other online tutorial sites, visit our 3rd Party Page.

Waking a New kind of Lycan


3D Creature Sculpting
Luma pictures is no stranger to the Underworld franchise, having worked extensively on the previous three segments. The latest installment in the series, “Underworld: Awekening” showcases the prowess of an extremely talented team at the new Santa Monica facility.

The constant attention to detail and commitment to refinement, means the team is always finding new ways to implement design and technology throughout the creative process. Read more about it, and hear what VFX supervisor Vincent Cirelli had to say about new camera techniques at CG Society.

See the role ZBrush plays in the professional pipeline, and watch your favorite Lycans come to life.

3D Creature Sculpting


3D Creature Sculpting

Students appreciated Bryan Wynia’s 3 week Concept Maquettes course so much that he’s made a full, 8 week online training course for us. So get ready to make some serious, full-bodied monsters, creatures and characters!

Course description: 3D CREATURE SCULPTING

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