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Explore the New Features Inside ZBrush4R3



Escape Studios and Pixologic are joining forces to bring you an exclusive webinar that will focus on the newly added features inside ZBrush4R3. Lead by Pixologic’s very own 3D Application Engineer, Paul Gaboury, this session will showcase the versatility of the FiberMesh and its ability to create hair and environments.

Explore the New Features Inside ZBrush4R3
Thursday, May 10, 2012
9:00AM (PST)
Register for the webinar at

ZBrush User Story: Mass Effect 3



It’s always exciting for us to be able to interview the art teams at BioWare! Few companies have been so enthusiastic about sharing high resolution images and really great information about both the art direction and the way that ZBrush helped them meet their goals. In case you might have missed our previous interviews with them, here are the links:
Mass Effect 2
Dragon Age: Origins
Dragon Age 2

Now that the Mass Effect franchise — possibly the most successful RPG series in gaming history — has been brought to its conclusion, you can only imagine how happy we were about the opportunity to bring the character art team back for a follow up!

We hope you enjoy it!

Read the Mass Effect 3 interview

Featured ZBC Thread: jempix



Today’s Top Row thread is brought to us courtesy of a ZBC member who goes by “jempix”. The sculpt, titled “Usual Suspects | John Doe | 376214,” was made using DynaMesh and rendered using the BPR feature. It’s excellent work and we can’t wait to see more form this artist in the future!

Check out jempix’s Top Row image at ZBrushCentral and see more from this artist at their user gallery.

Digital-Tutors Releases New Getting Started with ZBrush Learning Path



Learn ZBrush with Digital-Tutors and their brand new Getting Started with ZBrush Learning Path filled with 35 tutorials and over 90 hours of training content.

The new Learning Path covers a variety of topics within sculpting, painting, texturing and integration to help artists create stunning work with ZBrush. It begins with beginner and introductory tutorials covering fundamentals and navigating ZBrush, and progresses to more advanced tutorials to help artists add complex and intricate amounts of detail to their 3D models.

By the end of this learning path you will have learned everything from essential tools to very advanced techniques that are production-proven and used daily in the film and games industries.

The ZBrush tutorials in this Learning Path and every tutorial in the Digital-Tutors training library is available with a Digital-Tutors subscription.

Learn more about the Getting Started with ZBrush Learning Path and Digital-Tutors.

Featured ZBC Post: cmoffitt



Artist Chris Moffitt (aka cmoffitt) has posted a few handfuls of the game versions of characters and environmental assets he’s worked on for Robot Entertainment’s game “Orcs Must Die.” Check out his Top Row thread on ZBC to see the full set. And have a look at his user gallery to see more of his amazing artwork.

New Class at the Visualarium with Danny Williams (aka Pointpusher)



Danny Williams (aka Pointpusher) is running a new class called Character Designing in ZBrush 4R3 over at the Visualarium and he has a free hour and a half long preview webinar available where he show how designers can use DynaMesh to quickly create characters for film and games. This is a must for character designers, both beginners and seasoned veterans!

Watch the free webinar at The Visualarium.

Pixologic User Group Meeting at Gnomon School of Visual Effects



April 26th 2012 is shaping up to be an evening filled with another star studded cast showcasing the power of ZBrush. Pixologic and the Gnomon School of Visual Effects are playing host to another UGM meeting sure to rock the foundations of the Television Center Studios, here in Hollywood.

You won’t want to miss live demonstrations and interactive sessions with industry greats like, Cesar Dacol Jr. aka “Voodoo Monkey” and Kurt Papstein aka “KP Toons”. Lastly, members of the Pixologic Team will close out the evening with an in depth look at new features and answer questions live on the floor. Don’t you dare miss it!

RSVP for this event

6:30 pm — 7:00 pm: Meet and Greet
7:00 pm — 8:00 pm: Cesar Dacol Jr.
8:15 pm — 9:15 pm: Kurt Papstein
9:15 pm — 9:45 pm: Paul Gaboury

Gnomon School of Visual Effects
1015 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90038
View Map

For more information about the artists and what they will be presenting, please visit our User Group Meetings section.

ZBrush Interview: Zack Petroc



It’s been six years since we last interviewed the highly talented ZBrush enthusiast, Zack Petroc. We decided it was time to catch up with him again, and today Pixologic is pleased to bring you an interview that covers how this artist’s career has evolved alongside ZBrush!

Read the full interview complete with images and turntables at our User Stories page.

Back to the Root of it All: Resident Evil Raccoon City



Capcom takes us on a wild multi player ride, with a return to where it all started.

Resident Evil: Raccoon City takes another leap forward in the survival horror genre, and brings an awesome multi-player experience to a long standing franchise typically associated with singular play.

Check out the incredible work of ZBrush artist Jason Martin, by visiting his ZBrush Central thread at ZBrushCentral.

You can also see his incredible sculpts come alive, in an awe-inspiring video by visiting Blur Studios website.

Get your copy today on Xbox360, Playstation 3 and PC.

What is this?

The Magic of Majid: An Odyssey to the Arty Side of the CG World



Majid Esmaeili’s work is a delicate balance between rhythmic harmony, and what some might call quiet introspection. There are examples of his work that scream look at me, and others that grow slowly on their viewer like organic clay weeds.

One thing is for sure, it won’t take long for you to get tangled up in the origins of how this ZBrush artist came to discover the magic of the CG world. Find out more about Majid’s journey to the forefront of today’s CG scene, by checking out his recent interview.

Something tells us this is the beginning of what promises to be a long, and productive journey.

Read the interview here.

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