Digital-Tutors Releases New Getting Started with ZBrush Learning Path

Posted on April 18, 2012 by Melissa


Learn ZBrush with Digital-Tutors and their brand new Getting Started with ZBrush Learning Path filled with 35 tutorials and over 90 hours of training content.

The new Learning Path covers a variety of topics within sculpting, painting, texturing and integration to help artists create stunning work with ZBrush. It begins with beginner and introductory tutorials covering fundamentals and navigating ZBrush, and progresses to more advanced tutorials to help artists add complex and intricate amounts of detail to their 3D models.

By the end of this learning path you will have learned everything from essential tools to very advanced techniques that are production-proven and used daily in the film and games industries.

The ZBrush tutorials in this Learning Path and every tutorial in the Digital-Tutors training library is available with a Digital-Tutors subscription.

Learn more about the Getting Started with ZBrush Learning Path and Digital-Tutors.