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Featured ZBC Thread: aidin-crow



The most recent Top Row thread comes to us from artist aidin-crow. The thread features a book that was made for the epic poem, “Shahnameh,” written by the Persian poet Ferdowsi between c.977 and 1010 AD. The book is two years in the making, and the first time anyone has attempted to create one for this story using anything other than traditional Iranian drawings and miniatures. A great undertaking indeed! Check out the thread and the magnificent artwork at ZBrushCentral.

Getting Down to the Crunch with Sony Santa Monica Artist James Van Den Bogart



Sony Santa Monica artist and Pixologic friend, James Van Den Bogart pushes, prods and pulls his digital clay into an incredible collection of busts and creatures. Check out his video series on vimeo.

James, and the talented crew over at Sony Santa Monica, are responsible for the “Lunch Crunch” thread on ZBrush Central. You can see more of James’s work by visiting his sketchbook.

New ZBrush Book: ZBrush Character Sculpting Volume 1



3D Total Publishing has just released a new book – ZBrush Character Sculpting: Volume 1. The book features industry heavy hitters such as Rafael Grassetti, Michael Jensen and Cédric Seaut, and examines the tools inside ZBrush as well as presents complete projects.

“Drawing on the traditional roots of classical sculpture, this book also investigates how these teachings can be successfully applied to the 3D medium to create jaw-dropping sculpts.”

With an abundance of information, this book is a must have for novices and veterans alike. Get your copy today at

Featured ZBC Thread: Oishiiniku



ZBrush artist Nick Carver (aka Oishiiniku), stays at the front of the pack with his “Race For The Globe” diorama. The smooth, clean sculptural quality of these characters just screams collectibles. When can we get a copy?

Check out the dynamic characters by visiting his ZBrush Central post here.

Check out more artwork from Nick at his website.

New Turntable: Robert R



For a first attempt at ZBrush, Robert Rivard’s “Fantasy Sleigh” sculpt is so good we just had to add it to the Turntable Gallery. Robert is a 2D artist by trade but wanted to make the leap into the 3D world with this sculpt. He will be adding a warrior and reindeer to the sleigh, so we will definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for that!

Robert found the ShadowBox feature most helpful when creating his first sculpt.
“More than 50% of the sculpture was made using meshes created in ShadowBox… I love ShadowBox because it retains all of the positioning information, so we never get lost with the Subtool placement.”

For the full 360 view of the Fantasy Sleigh (in multiple angles), visit Robert’s Turnable Gallery
Follow the progress of Robert’s sculpt on his thread at ZBrushCentral

ZBrush User Stories: John Carter (part 2)



Pixologic is pleased to bring you the second half of our two-part series of John Carter interviews. In this part we spoke with Kevin Hudson from Double Negative. His team took the concept art created by Legacy Effects and performed the digital wizardry that brought the movies characters and creatures to life.

Click here to read part two of John Carter with Kevin Hudson of Double Negative
If you missed part one, you can read Scott Patton’s installment here.

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