Daily Archive for May 10th, 2012

Brutus the Beefcake Reborn



The crowd is on their feet in anticipation. Brutus doesn’t let them down and launches into a toss for the ages.

Visit the ZBrushCentral forum for a breakdown of how Brutus the ancient Olympian was born and see the short film created by Adam McAllister, Gerard Dunleavy and Priya Mistry.

Gold medals all around!

Stepping Into The Digital Realm With Erick Sosa



Traditional sculptor Erick Sosa is best known for his highly detailed creatures and accurate likenesses of stars like Christian Bale and Bruce Willis to name a few.

Step into the Sosa Studio’s experience by visiting his homepage.

You can keep up with Erick on the ZBrushCentral forum as ZKULPTOR. Be sure to check out his ZBrushCentral post to catch a glimpse of his latest work.

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