GoZ for Softimage

Posted on May 11, 2012 by Melissa


GoZ, our one click bridge between ZBrush and target applications, is now available for Softimage users! Thanks to the developer Kostas Roukis, you can now enjoy tweaking your base mesh geometry in Softimage and updating it in ZBrush with an automatic solution or even doing quick renders in Softimage with the creation of the shader, using the maps generated by ZBrush.

Feature list of GoZ for Softimage:

  • One Click mesh exchange between ZBrush and Softimage using GoZ file format.
  • Multiple SubTools support.
  • Diffuse Map, Normal Map and Displacement Map support.
  • Render Tree with Mental Ray Material setup.
  • Complete Displacement Map setup with proper Geometry Approximation Settings.
  • Polygroups to Clusters preservation.
  • Softimage Animation (keyframed Transformations) preservation.
  • Softimage Hierarchy preservation.

Download GoZ for Softimage at ZBrushCentral.com