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GoZ for Softimage



GoZ, our one click bridge between ZBrush and target applications, is now available for Softimage users! Thanks to the developer Kostas Roukis, you can now enjoy tweaking your base mesh geometry in Softimage and updating it in ZBrush with an automatic solution or even doing quick renders in Softimage with the creation of the shader, using the maps generated by ZBrush.

Feature list of GoZ for Softimage:

  • One Click mesh exchange between ZBrush and Softimage using GoZ file format.
  • Multiple SubTools support.
  • Diffuse Map, Normal Map and Displacement Map support.
  • Render Tree with Mental Ray Material setup.
  • Complete Displacement Map setup with proper Geometry Approximation Settings.
  • Polygroups to Clusters preservation.
  • Softimage Animation (keyframed Transformations) preservation.
  • Softimage Hierarchy preservation.

Download GoZ for Softimage at

Getting To The Root Of The Matter With Joseph Drust



Step inside an awesome series of tutorials on FiberMesh with ZBrush artist Joseph Drust. You’ll learn the techniques necessary to maximize your FiberMesh experience and generate more believable hair systems.

You can watch the entire video series by visiting the Digital Tutors website.

Brutus the Beefcake Reborn



The crowd is on their feet in anticipation. Brutus doesn’t let them down and launches into a toss for the ages.

Visit the ZBrushCentral forum for a breakdown of how Brutus the ancient Olympian was born and see the short film created by Adam McAllister, Gerard Dunleavy and Priya Mistry.

Gold medals all around!

Stepping Into The Digital Realm With Erick Sosa



Traditional sculptor Erick Sosa is best known for his highly detailed creatures and accurate likenesses of stars like Christian Bale and Bruce Willis to name a few.

Step into the Sosa Studio’s experience by visiting his homepage.

You can keep up with Erick on the ZBrushCentral forum as ZKULPTOR. Be sure to check out his ZBrushCentral post to catch a glimpse of his latest work.

The Avengers: United They Stand



The Avengers film has movie goers blazing through tickets and shattering box office records. Find out more about the process behind this spring time sensation by listening to the fxpodcast. Even ZBrush artist and ILM Character Modeler, Kris Costa aka Antropus on the ZBrushCentral Forum gets an honorable mention.

You can read more about the behind the scenes goods and the role ZBrush played in this mega blockbuster by visiting the fxguide roll call page.

Grinding Through the Gears with Epic Games



Check out the latest assets used in the production of Gears of War 3 by visiting ZBrushCentral.

The models and concepts were handled by Mike Kime and Jay Hawkins respectively, along with the Art Direction of Chris Perna. In case you missed our feature on Gears of War 2, you can read it and many other user stories by visiting

These guys live up to the name, EPIC!!!

Featured ZBC Thread: zaliti



The most recent Top Row thread comes from artist Ali Zafati (aka zaliti), who is no stranger to the gallery. All of the models were made in ZBrush, and final composting was done in Photoshop. Check out page 3, where there is a mini-tutorial for the FiberMesh and BPR settings used for the first character.

Check out the Top Row thread at ZBC
See more artwork from Ali here.

Upcoming ZBrush Webinar



Join Novedge and The Pixologic Team on May 9, 2012 at 11 a.m., as they take you through this informative educational opportunity. This Webinar will cover the newest features that have been added to the most recent version of ZBrush.

Webinars are a great way to interact and communicate directly with The Pixologic Team. Take full advantage of access to the development team during in-depth question and answer time, and see the inner workings of what you can achieve inside ZBrush.

For more information and to enroll in this webinar, visit

See you all there!

Two New ZBrush Courses from Digital Tutors



Digital Tutors has just released two new ZBrush courses in their training library. Learn how to build a character from scratch with “Modeling a Human Marionette“, and then enhance your character with “Creating Long Hair Using FiberMesh

For more information and to purchase the courses, visit
Creative Development: Modeling a Human Marionette in Softimage and ZBrush with Daniele Angelozzi
Creative Development: Creating Long Hair Using FiberMesh in ZBrush with Joseph Drust

Turntable Gallery Update: Jamie Lee Lloyd



We have recently updated the turntable gallery with first timer Jamie Lee Lloyd (aka lunar-tik on ZBC). This one started as a speed sculpt but ended up morphing into a full scene. Jamie worked almost exclusively in ZBrush, with the exception of the final compositing in Photoshop. Everything was started from scratch using DynaMesh, ShadowBox, and the clip and insert brushes. The assets were then Polypainted and the final scene was lit with LightCaps™ and rendered in BPR.

See the final sculpt at our Turntable Gallery
Check out more artwork from Jamie (including the final composite) at ZBrushCentral

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