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Featured ZBC Thread: neverwintered



An artist fairly new to ZBrushCentral, neverwintered, just got a Top Row award for his “No Fear” post. The details and textures on this guy are incredible, and it was done mostly in ZBrush. For your viewing pleasure, he’s posted a giant detailed image as well as a shot of the model in the red wax material. Now this should provide you enough inspiration to get you through the rest of the week!

View neverwintered’s Top Row Thread on ZBC.

ZBrush Artist Spotlight: vampyrus



We have a new Top Row thread from veteran member Daniel Crossland (aka Pteropus vampyrus). His “Desert Louse” was made for a making of tutorial in 3D Artist Magazine. The concept was done by Dan Baker and Daniel modeled and did the HD texturing in ZBrush. He’s posted a bunch of images from the tutorial on his thread, so check it out!

See Daniel’s Top Row thread at ZBC.

Turntable Gallery Updates: Antonio Peres



We have a new artist that has just been added to the Turntable Gallery. A warm welcome goes out to Antonio Peres, who has shared his “Troll” sculpt with us. The characters were modeled in ZBrush 4R2 and utilized the FiberMesh feature. You can see the full 360 turnaround at the ZBrush Turntable Gallery as well as additional views and renders on his thread at ZBrushCentral.

Featured ZBC Thread: luoqisheng



We have a top row thread from artist Luo Qisheng, featuring a plethora of anatomy studies. The lighting in the final rendered images is pretty amazing, but don’t miss page 2 where the screen grabs from ZBrush are posted. Luo did most of the work in ZBrush: “I think 90% part of work was done in ZBrush, some even 100%, so many awesome tools there make me very comfortable when doing sculpting.”

Check out the Top Row thread at ZBrushCentral.

Monster Party



Artist Moumene Sofian of Carioca Studio recently posted a thread with three characters he did along with Florin Enache (Interior), Andrei lazar (Interior), Ghita Morar (Monsters), and Dragos Coman (Postproduction). The mosters were made for a McDonalds campaign and heavily used ZBrush. Check out the Top Row thread where you can find the final product along with ZBrush shots.

Featured ZBC Thread: zeoyn



Artist Jose Alves da Silva recently received a Top Row nod for an image he made for a tutorial in 3D Artist magazine. The modeling was done 100% in ZBrush, and he’s posted some nice closeups as well as a few shots of his models. The tutorial can be found in issues 43 and 44, with the first chapter being in this month’s edition.

See Jose’s top row thread at ZBC and pick up a copy of 3D Artist Magazine to see his tutorial.

Turntable Gallery Updates



We have three new artists who have been recently added to the Turntable Gallery, as well as an update from an existing member. We would like to welcome Shuling Chung, Sterling Sheehy, and “Art Machine” Pierre Thériault to the group. Their artwork demonstrates a great amount of skill and detail, and we’re happy to have them as the newest members of the gallery!

We also have updated work from artist Patricio Ruales Lopez, whose attention to detail when it comes to the human form is stunning.

Visit the Turntable Gallery to see the most recent updates. Thanks for sharing your work guys!

Made In Italy:CG Channel Talks With Luca Nemolato



Be sure to check out CG Channel’s in depth interview with ZBrush Central artist Luca Nemolato. The Italian born concept artist is bringing his Mediterranean design flare to the United States with a mighty splash at The Aaron Sims Company. You can see more of his work by visiting his blogspot. Visit The Aaron Sims Company to keep up with the latest in industry leading concept art.

Pixologic at Siggraph 2012



Join Pixologic for Siggraph 2012 at booth #301 in the Los Angeles Convention Center. Experience dynamic live presentations with globally recognized digital artists in film and games. Watch as they break down the latest features in ZBrush.

This year, Pixologic is proud to present an exclusive panel format presentation featuring digital artists from Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). Don’t miss this rare opportunity to interact with these industry trend setters. We are pleased to host Frank Gravatt, Martin Murphy and Kris Costa at this year’s event.

Purchase a special boxed edition of the latest ZBrush release, enter daily draws and meet the Pixologic Team. Come by and rub elbows with some of the brightest and well-known artists in the ZBrushCentral community.

Register for your FREE guest pass to the Siggraph 2012 exhibit hall here.

Check out the list of speakers at our Siggraph UGM Page.

We look forward to seeing you!

Featured ZBC Thread: stumpf



No stranger to the Top Row at ZBC, artist Ralf Stumpf (aka stumpf) has posted a few images that were given a unique treatment using MatCaps and the BPR feature. He’s even posted a short tutorial for how he achieved the effect. Check out his thread here and see more artwork from Ralf at his user gallery.

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