Daily Archive for June 28th, 2012

Featured ZBC Thread: neverwintered



An artist fairly new to ZBrushCentral, neverwintered, just got a Top Row award for his “No Fear” post. The details and textures on this guy are incredible, and it was done mostly in ZBrush. For your viewing pleasure, he’s posted a giant detailed image as well as a shot of the model in the red wax material. Now this should provide you enough inspiration to get you through the rest of the week!

View neverwintered’s Top Row Thread on ZBC.

ZBrush Artist Spotlight: vampyrus



We have a new Top Row thread from veteran member Daniel Crossland (aka Pteropus vampyrus). His “Desert Louse” was made for a making of tutorial in 3D Artist Magazine. The concept was done by Dan Baker and Daniel modeled and did the HD texturing in ZBrush. He’s posted a bunch of images from the tutorial on his thread, so check it out!

See Daniel’s Top Row thread at ZBC.

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