The Guts Of Gutalin

Posted on June 6, 2012 by Melissa


ZBrush Central artist Alex Kozhanov aka Gutalin has found the mother ship of inspiration. His latest work finds its way into the upcoming Ridley Scott blockbuster. Scheduled for release June 7th, 2012  Prometheus is already shaping up to be a must see film for 2012.

One response to “The Guts Of Gutalin”

  1. Peter Plantec says:

    Gutalin’s work is more original than most people seem to give him cresit for. I have wracked my feeble brain trying to understsnd his many techniques. A tutorial on his sculptiong and another on his surfacing would be greatly appreciated. He must work in a tremendously large scale to get the level of detail we see. Even if the tutorisl is in Russian. We can get it translated!

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