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Turntable Updates



We have a few Turntable Gallery updates to kick off your Monday morning. Returning member Nick Miller did a little house keeping and kicked us six new turntables. To see more from Nick, visit his user gallery at ZBC.

We would also like to welcome a new member: Sup Choi. He’s entered the gallery with four amazing images he’s posed at his user gallery. We’re sure to see more from him in the future!

View Nick, Sup, and the other members at the Turntable Gallery.

Keeping It Lean



ZBrushCentral member Tudor Fat (aka tudorfat) has recently posted an image that caught the attention of the community and the Pixologic staff. He said the “idea was to start from a mantis bug, and just go wild with it.” Go wild was exactly what he did. He’s posed a few simple renders on top, but be sure to scroll down to see the final polypainted render. It’s pretty amazing.

See Tudor Fat’s Top Row thread at ZBrushCentral.
Want more? Check out his user gallery.

The Darkest Night



Out of the shadows and into the spotlight on TopRow. ZBrushCentral artist zboot nails this Morgan Freeman likeness and just in time to coincide with the blockbuster release of the film.

ZBrush4R4 – Are YOU Ready?



We are pleased to announce the release of ZBrush 4R4 for both Windows & Mac.

ZBrush 4R4 continues expanding on creative freedom with a focus on model topology and detail creation. These new features were developed to let you be an artist first and foremost, while also helping give you ever more freedom to explore new ideas!

Major Features

Insert Multi Mesh Brushes combine entire libraries of objects into a single brush. Select from any object within the brush, then insert it into your model. Easily convert any Tool to an Insert brush with a single click. If your Tool has multiple SubTools, an Insert Multi Mesh brush will be created, allowing you to select from any of its objects at any time. Read more »

Tri Part Multi Mesh Brushes advances the Insert Brush features even further, using PolyGroups to define end cap objects along with a middle segment. When you draw a curve, the end caps will be placed at either end with the middle segment being duplicated along the curve’s length. Instantly build chains, zippers and other complex shapes in full 3D. In addition to Tri IMM, the new Curve Brushes can be used to draw almost anything! Read more »

QRemesher Alpha
The new QRemesher frees you from the complex tasks of creating new model topology. QRemesher can automatically or semi-automatically clean up your mesh topology. Special automasking and other control features including curve guides let you control the retopology, when necessary, to get the best results quickly and easily. Read more »

Topology Brush
The new Topology Brush provides manual control over topology creation for those times when you wish to re-topologize your work with precision. It uses ZBrush 4R4′s optimized curve engine to let you draw new polygons on the fly, after which a simple click on the support surface instantly generates the new polygons — with or without thickness. Build form-fitting props complete with thickness or redesign a partial surface, ready to replace part of your existing mesh. Read more »

Mesh Fusion
Mesh Fusion swaps part of your model’s surface with another piece of topology, automatically bridging the polygons to maintain a seamless mesh. Simply define PolyGroups on your model and then replace those areas with a new mesh! ZBrush merges the new element into the support mesh by bridging the polygons at the insertion boundary. Read more »

Grid System
Reference Images can now be applied to the ZBrush Grids. Load your images for the front, side and top views to more easily create artwork based on references. This even works with Shadow Box. Different images may even be assigned to opposite sides of each plane, giving you the effect of a reference cube surrounding your sculpt. Additionally, your model or even a simple plan with a texture applied on it can be snapshot to the Bakckground image so that if follows your camera rotations. Read more »

With over 10,000 available steps gives you virtually unlimited Undo capabilities. This History is saved as part of the ZBrush Project format, meaning that your steps will be maintained even across multiple sessions. A History slider makes it easy to scrub through your Undo History, you can play through the steps like a movie. In fact, you can even make a movie out of your History, complete with special controls to optimize (or replace) camera movement, object centering and more. The result is a far more enjoyable playback than if you had simply recorded your sculpting session using traditional video capture. Read more »

TransPose Enhancements
TransPose now provides a world axis selector so that you can switch to any working plane orientation with a single click, or snap the Action Line to your surface normal anywhere on the model. In addition, there are new Inflate and Flatten functions which are especially useful for hard surface sculpting. Read more »

DynaMesh Enhancements
DynaMesh nowprovides increased resolution (up to 2048) and the capability to combine SubTools using DynaMesh — even defining specific SubTools as negative volumes. You can accomplish amazing things simply by combining basic shapes in original ways. Read more »

While these major new features and enhancements are the most noticeable, they are nowhere near being everything that ZBrush 4R4 brings to the table. You can see a list of many more features that have been designed to make your life easier or open up new avenues for creativity here.

The Hits Keep On Turning



The Pixologic TurnTable Gallery is the destination spot for seeing your favorite models in 360 degrees. We’ve had some intense new additions to the already rock steady collection. In this latest run, our man Marco Plouffe is back with more TurnTable goodness. Be sure to check out his latest and greatest TurnTable work and take a peak inside his user gallery. The action keeps on coming with Alessandro Masciari aka Kron-cept and Daniel Peteuil aka dpeteuil joining the mix.

The Last Hand



This latest post by ZBrush artist huzheng will have you gasping for one last breath. Check out more of this talented artist’s work by visiting his user gallery.

On The Block



Kick it old school with this mafia inspired boss by ZBrushCentral artist Siamak Roshani aka siamak_cgm. For more neighborhood types and to catch up with the latest in Siamak Rosha’s artwork, visit the user gallery.

An Outta This World Ride



Take an interplanetary journey with ZBrushCentral artist SIM-R aka Simon Rodgers. This little alien dude looks poised to spend time investigating the regions of far off solar systems. Keep up with SIM-R by visiting his blogspot.

Staying Power With A Splash



ZBrushCentral artist and beta tester Marco “Splash” Plouffe’s newest post is packing some serious heat.  Check out his user gallery and visit his homepage for more space marine goodness.

ZBrush UGM: Gnomon School of Visual Effects



Pixologic Inc. and the Gnomon School of Visual Effects are at it again! This time, the Green Screen Hanger on the grounds of the Television Center plays host to a Wiley Publications book signing user group meeting. You won’t want to miss this exclusive opportunity to meet the authors and members of The Pixologic Team in the flesh.

Arrive early and take part in a meet and greet with ZBrush masters Eric Keller, Scott Spencer and Paul Gaboury as they celebrate the launch of their respective titles. Space will be extremely limited. Be one of the first 200 people to arrive and receive a FREE flash drive with a chance to win the Flash Drive Lottery. A limited number of mystery flash drives will have one of three digital copies of Eric Keller, Scott Spencer or Paul Gaboury’s books.

One of 10 lucky winners will take away a grand prize consisting of all three books signed by the authors and tech editors including, Introducing ZBrush 3rd Edition, ZBrush Creature Design: Creating Dynamic Concept Imagery for Film and Games and ZBrush Professional Tips and Tricks.

For more info, visit our User Group Meeting section.

See you there!

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