Daily Archive for July 5th, 2012

6 New ZBrush Tutorials from Digital Tutors



Our friends over at Digital Tutors have just released a whopping 6 new ZBrush tutorials, including four in their Creative Development series. For more info or to purchase, click on the links below.

Creative Development: Caricature Portraits in ZBrush
with Stanislav Shcherbakov

Creative Development: Designing Scary Film Monsters in ZBrush
with Fabrizio Bortolussi

FiberMesh Integration with ZBrush

Creative Development: Game Character Creation in 3ds Max and ZBrush
with Fabricio Moraes

Creative Development: Modeling Creature Concepts in ZBrush
with Ryan Lim

Creative Development: Crafting Characters from Design to Composite in ZBrush and Maya
with Jean-Michel Bihorel

Looking for more? There’s a plethora of training materials from Digital Tutors and other online educators at our 3rd Party Page.

Turntable Gallery Update: 4 New Artists



We have four new artists joining the Turntable Gallery today: Adam Sacco, Martin Leyba, Rodrigo Branco, and Sid Ahearne. While their styles vary greatly, the one common factor is their skillful use of ZBrush. Check out their 360 views at the Turntable Gallery.

Want to see more from each artist? Click on their names below to view their user galleries at ZBrushCentral
Adam Sacco
Martin Leyba
Rodrigo Branco
Sid Ahearne

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