6 New ZBrush Tutorials from Digital Tutors

Posted on July 5, 2012 by Melissa


Our friends over at Digital Tutors have just released a whopping 6 new ZBrush tutorials, including four in their Creative Development series. For more info or to purchase, click on the links below.

Creative Development: Caricature Portraits in ZBrush
with Stanislav Shcherbakov

Creative Development: Designing Scary Film Monsters in ZBrush
with Fabrizio Bortolussi

FiberMesh Integration with ZBrush

Creative Development: Game Character Creation in 3ds Max and ZBrush
with Fabricio Moraes

Creative Development: Modeling Creature Concepts in ZBrush
with Ryan Lim

Creative Development: Crafting Characters from Design to Composite in ZBrush and Maya
with Jean-Michel Bihorel

Looking for more? There’s a plethora of training materials from Digital Tutors and other online educators at our 3rd Party Page.