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A Moment In Time



Be sure to check out the latest ZBrushCentral post by Matthew Kean aka Framedworld. This latest post features a video detailing the initial stages of his creature development process. You can also achieve great video making results using our newest undo history feature in ZBrush 4R4. With the new undo history, you’ll have a virtual time machine at your disposal with 10,000 undo states to work with. This makes creating videos that much easier. For more on this and other features inside ZBrush 4R4, be sure to visit the features page. Remember to take full advantage of the constantly updated series of videos inside ZClassroom.

All New Tutorials from Digital Tutors!



Our friends over at Digital Tutors have just released 5 new ZBrush tutorials, including three in their Creative Development series and one from their Professional Series! For more info or to purchase, click on the links below.

Creative Development: Creating a Fantasy Dragon in ZBrush
with Peter Minister

Creative Development: Dinosaur Reconstruction in ZBrush
with Peter Minister

Creative Development: Understanding Facial Anatomy in ZBrush
with Lee Magalhães

Professional Series: Creating Character Variation with Texture Maps

Topology Tools in ZBrush

Looking for more? There’s a plethora of training materials from Digital Tutors and other online educators at our 3rd Party Page.

COA And The Spirit Of The Norse Gods



Showcasing the commercial flexibility of using ZBrush for advertising, COA recently unleashed their latest video campaign highlighting their AESIR Workstations and Render Farm offerings. COA takes the spirit of the Norse tradition and puts it into every machine they make. The names of their workstations are even derived from the names of mythical viking gods. For this latest promotional video, characters were detailed in ZBrush. COA created the entire project in house utilizing features like Spotlight and the UV Master plugin along with some clever masking techniques to generate things like armor.

With a full range of products designed for various budgets and needs, you’re sure to find something to meet your demands. Check out the promotional video and witness the power of ZBrush viking style.

Meats Meier Lays Down The Hammer



After a long hiatus from the ZBrushCentral Forum, Meats Meier returns with a whip-lashing of new creations using some of  the latest features inside ZBrush 4R4. Meats has been busy lately working on some over the top and out of this world projects. If you are a fan of the legendary Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame, you are no doubt aware of the ongoing 2012 The Wall World Tour. Our old buddy Meats is credited with working on the animations for this epic world tour and we couldn’t be happier! If you’re not familiar with The Wall, then buckle up, because your senses are about to be shattered. First released as a double album in 1979, The Wall has been celebrated as a musical masterpiece for over 3 decades. A film version of the album was released in 1982 and is still regarded by many as mandatory rock and roll historical viewing. If you can buy a ticket and see it live, you won’t regret it!

Be sure to check out the latest features inside ZBrush 4R4 and how to make the most of them by visiting ZClassroom.

CGSociety Presents: John DeRiggi Inside The CGWorkshop



Take advantage of this great opportunity being offered by CGSociety inside the CGWorkshops with host John DeRiggi. Learn more about the process behind character creation for online games with an industry professional. Don’t delay, sign up now and become a CGSociety connect member to qualify for a 10% discount. Be sure to take a closer look at John and his work by visiting his homepage.

meng007 Rides High Onto Top Row



Something tells us this latest Top Row nomination is only the beginning for meng007. With this being the second post all-time inside meng007′s user gallery, you better stay tuned for what we imagine to be a wild ride of sculpting.

Flexing Some Muscle On The Top Row With PSTCHOART



Tsvetomir Georgiev aka Pstchoart on the ZBrushCentral forum poses his way back onto the Top Row with another anatomy home run.

It’s A MatCap Bake Off With Joseph Drust



Our homeboy “G.I.” Joseph Drust aka Piggyson on the ZBrushCentral forum, is coming straight at you from the showroom floor at Siggraph 2012 where he wowed the crowd with his digital hair salon demonstrations. If you missed it, you can check out the hair madness at Digital Tutors website. In this latest post, Drust gives back to the community with the MatCap-Baker plugin. Check it out for an in depth description and breakdown of how to incorporate his latest little bag of tricks. This is what the community is all about!

Burning Up The Top Row



Rafael Grassetti aka grassetti on ZBrushCentral, lays down a flaming path with this latest Diablo fan art piece. The Diablo franchise is a big winner for our friends over at Blizzard and already into its third installment. Rafael is a mega talent with a deep body of work. He’s dipped his fingers into everything spanning from  game art to toy designs for major players in all areas of the biz. Check in with him on his homepage to find out more.

CG Society Presents: 3D Creature Sculpting With Bryan Wynia



Our old pal Bryan Wynia comes fresh off the showroom floor at Siggraph 2012, where his Cthulhu sculpture was offered up as a special giveaway, to host another 3d Creature Sculpting workshop. You better move quick because spaces will fill up fast. This workshop is being offered by CGSociety and promises to be full of monster making goodness. Be sure to check out Bryan’s blog for the latest in his creative adventures.

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