Daily Archive for August 16th, 2012

The Printed World Comes Alive With ZBrush And Objet



Siggraph 2012 was chalk full of stellar presentations. One noteworthy example was produced by Legacy Effects Studios own Senior Technician Jason Lopes. Aside from being an ultra cool cat, Jason is a technical wizard and highly experienced in the realm of 3d rapid prototyping. Some of the assets on display included, The Hulk from The Avengers blockbuster film and characters and creatures from John Carter of Mars. To find out more about 3d printing, visit the Objet homepage. To see images of the assets on hand, visit repertoire: It’s a 3D World.

Inside The Visualarium With Kris Costa



The Visualarium is at it again and this time they are bringing the big guns! Fresh from the showroom floor at Siggraph 2012, Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) artist Kris Costa aka Antropus on the ZBrushCentral forum, is scheduled to host a webinar on August 18th at 1 pm. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to interact with one of the industry’s biggest names. Be sure to check out his incredible work by visiting his homepage. We were all very fortunate to see and hear Kris discuss his process at the Pixologic booth this year at Siggraph. If you couldn’t be there, now is your chance to relive the moments.

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