Introducing L’Ecorche: A New Kind Of Anatomy Tool

Posted on August 20, 2012 by Melissa


Finally an app that serves you up a dose of anatomy you can sink your teeth into. Our buddies Michael Defeo and Scott Eaton have developed a collaborative project called L’Ecorche. This incredible app takes you deeper into understanding the human form than ever before. Michael gives us the low down with this ZBrushCentral post, “originally developed as a personal reference tool for my courses with anatomy expert Scott Eaton (who, in fact, I met through the Pixologic Educational portal), this application has grown from a simple sculpture for the iPad into a fully-developed application for iPad, iPhone, Mac desktop and eventually Android and PC desktop platforms”. To find out more, check out L’Ecorche Classical Anatomy For The Modern Artist. You can also learn more about Michael and Scott on their respective websites.

5 responses to “Introducing L’Ecorche: A New Kind Of Anatomy Tool”

  1. I would love this app… though I have an android samsung tablet… Any idea when the app will be avaliable for android??

  2. Miguel says:

    Bump for android version 🙂

  3. jake says:

    I would love this on my nexus 7.

  4. Rob Callicotte says:

    I agree. I’m interested in this for even the desktop, android, whatever…

  5. […] Anatomie zu studieren. Korrekte Körperhaltung und MuskelstrĂ€nge lassen sich mit Hilfe der App von Pixologic studieren und im App-Store […]

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