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Tomstrzal Back In The Spotlight On Top Row



It’s not the first time Tomasz Strzalkowski aka Tomstrzal on ZBrushCentral has caught our attention. You might remember he hit the Top Row with an incredible little environment piece back in December of 2010. Here’s another great post to keep you coming back for more. This time he takes a stab at a character that has us thinking he’s been hanging out in the Giger lounge. Be sure to check out ZClassroom for more information on how to generate awesome tube patterns with the Insert Multimesh with Curves Mode for your next alien project.

Anatomy R4 with Ryan Kingslien: Preview



Take a look inside Ryan Kingslien’s upcoming Anatomy R4 class over at the Visualarium. Anatomy R4 is a unique anatomy class that is done entirely inside of ZBrush. Ryan says, “ZBrush provides me, as a teacher, with the perfect platform for teaching people anatomy. We can create the skeleton & all the muscles and then immediately repose it, transform it and master all aspects of insertion, origin, proportion and muscle overlaps. I can’t imaging teaching anatomy any other way.”

Watch the intro video at

Geert Melis Zips Things Up



Since the launch of ZBrush 4R4 there’s been a lot of excitement surrounding the IMM or Insert Multi Mesh and Insert Multi Mesh functionality with curves. Visit ZClassroom to get the down low on these latest features. The ZBrushCentral forum even has a dedicated repository where you can post and share your latest Brush Packs. Once you’ve filled your drives full of what’s being offered there, be sure to get unzipped with our buddy Geer Melis aka Etcher_Sketcher. His latest offering is chalk full of 36 variations. You can find out more about Geert Melis by visiting his website.

Introducing L’Ecorche: A New Kind Of Anatomy Tool



Finally an app that serves you up a dose of anatomy you can sink your teeth into. Our buddies Michael Defeo and Scott Eaton have developed a collaborative project called L’Ecorche. This incredible app takes you deeper into understanding the human form than ever before. Michael gives us the low down with this ZBrushCentral post, “originally developed as a personal reference tool for my courses with anatomy expert Scott Eaton (who, in fact, I met through the Pixologic Educational portal), this application has grown from a simple sculpture for the iPad into a fully-developed application for iPad, iPhone, Mac desktop and eventually Android and PC desktop platforms”. To find out more, check out L’Ecorche Classical Anatomy For The Modern Artist. You can also learn more about Michael and Scott on their respective websites.

Building New Worlds: An Interview With MPC’s Matt Middleton



3D Artist Magazine recently sat with MPC’s (Moving Picture Company) CG Supervisor, Matt Middleton about the Ridley Scott blockbuster Prometheus. In case you’ve been occupying space in a time capsule, Prometheus serves as a prelude to the Alien series of films. You can read the entire article by visiting the 3D Artist Magazine website. Matt covers the details and processes behind the scenes, giving the reader real insight into how this epic film was made. It’s great to see that ZBrush played a role in bringing this long anticipated hit to the screen.

The Printed World Comes Alive With ZBrush And Objet



Siggraph 2012 was chalk full of stellar presentations. One noteworthy example was produced by Legacy Effects Studios own Senior Technician Jason Lopes. Aside from being an ultra cool cat, Jason is a technical wizard and highly experienced in the realm of 3d rapid prototyping. Some of the assets on display included, The Hulk from The Avengers blockbuster film and characters and creatures from John Carter of Mars. To find out more about 3d printing, visit the Objet homepage. To see images of the assets on hand, visit repertoire: It’s a 3D World.

Inside The Visualarium With Kris Costa



The Visualarium is at it again and this time they are bringing the big guns! Fresh from the showroom floor at Siggraph 2012, Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) artist Kris Costa aka Antropus on the ZBrushCentral forum, is scheduled to host a webinar on August 18th at 1 pm. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to interact with one of the industry’s biggest names. Be sure to check out his incredible work by visiting his homepage. We were all very fortunate to see and hear Kris discuss his process at the Pixologic booth this year at Siggraph. If you couldn’t be there, now is your chance to relive the moments.

The Wait Is Over: Darksiders 2 Hits Store Shelves



Finally the wait is over and you can get your fix of Death. With an already impressive following, Darksiders 2 is already shaping up to be a hit. Unanimously hailed as a must play game for the summer season, THQ has really hit the mark with this offering. This time around Death comes knocking and takes no prisoners. You can find out more and experience the world of Darksiders 2 by visiting the THQ Darksiders 2 homepage. Don’t forget to check out their entire family of offerings by visiting the THQ main page. ZBrushCentral’s own BoBo_the_seal aka James Brian Jones recently shared some of the ZBrush models used to bring the game to life.

Siggraph 2012 Recap



In case you couldn’t make it to the Los Angeles Convention Center for Siggraph 2012, here is a little recap to keep you in the loop. We saw a rip roaring series of presentations that spanned three days and included some of the biggest names in the business both presenting and stopping by to say hello. Special thanks to our presenters, Brian Wynia, Danny Williams, Scott Spencer, Joseph Drust, Cesar Dacol Jr., Michael Pavlovich, Kurt Papstein, Frank Gravat, Martin Murphy and Kris Costa. At the close of day one, the word on the street was out that the Pixologic booth was the place to be for live and interactive action. With the now traditional Sideshow Collectibles giveaway in full swing, people were lining up for hours to take a stab at winning one of this year’s awesome prizes. A happy dance is in order for the three winners who took home the illusive prizes. Winners included, Melinda Stanley, John Bavaresco and Aaron Goodson. Waiting was not an exercise that went unrewarded. With most visitors taking home a limited edition ZBrush hat or key chain, it’s safe to say everybody walked away a winner.  With hosts Paul Gaboury and Louie Tucci taking us deeper into the minds of the presenters and what makes them tick, there was no shortage of energy at this year’s show. Here are some photos capturing the vibe and showcasing that ZBrush 4R4 really is, “The only brush you need.”

Turntable Updates: Stefano Bernardi



Stefano Bernardi’s fearsome rendering techniques earned him much appreciation from fellow ZBrush artists and the Pixologic team alike.  Bernardi not only exhibits talent as an artist, but also an enthusiasm for the craft. When speaking about the MAHcut mech brush he states, “It was lot of fun trying this technique, and really fast!”.  His excitement about 3D modeling permeates through his characters and makes them come to life. Definitely don’t miss out on his  turntable where his brightly colored, energetic images won’t fail to impress you.

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