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Building The Guild



Sitting way up there on TopRow is the latest post from ZBrushCentral member,  jjvdb15 aka James VanDenBogart. James was nice enough to share the latest from the team at Sony Santa Monica. You wont want to miss this collection of game ready critters as they invade ZBrushCentral. The Guild Wars franchise continues to collect the faithful. Now in its second offering, we’re sure you’ll have an RPG love affair with this one. Be sure to check out more details on the game by visiting the Guild Wars 2 website. Check out all the other hit games from our friends over at NCsoft by visiting their homepage.

All Wrapped Up



Bryan Wynia keeps the monsters coming on the TopRow. This time, he pays homage to a classic in the world of all things creepy with a mummy that’s guaranteed to get you all wrapped up. You can find out more about Bryan by visiting his blogspot. Recently, Bryan also produced a limited edition version of the legendary Cthulhu. Order yours today by visiting his blogspot. If you need to get an even bigger dose of Bryan’s work, be sure to stop in at his user gallery. ZBrushCentral is the place to stay inspired. Sign up today to start interacting with other artists just like Bryan.

A Ride On The Pale Horse: Darksiders 2



Darksiders 2 is officially out now and bringing Death with it. Get your copy today and take a ride of epic proportions. The second installment in the ongoing series from THQ is guaranteed to take the slaying action into overdrive for this release. You’ll play as Death, armed with a downright awe inspiring collection of attacks at your disposal. Be sure to get your copy today and lock in the chance to redeem the Death Rides Pack. THQ isn’t holding back any goodies! You can already snag the Argul’s Tomb DLC by visiting the official Darksiders 2 homepage.

Scary Enough To Make Your Head Spin



This latest TurnTable gallery piece will have you spinning in terror. ZBrushCentral member, David Jankes aka Yeenke, is a Senior Character artist in the video game industry. With titles like Mafia II and Silent Hill to his credit, it’s safe to say David knows how to keep busy. You can visit his homepage to find out more about this talented artist from the Czech Republic. Be sure to stop in at ZBrushCentral to learn more about your favorite artists and interact with other ZBrush users.

Techniques To Creep By



ZBrushCentral artist Simon Webber, aka SIWEB has a new creature design tutorial inside ImagineFX. Be sure to check out ImagineFX for the latest on what’s happening in the world of digital art. This particular tutorial will focus on creating a creature and you don’t want to miss this intimate opportunity to learn from a pro. Simon is currently working for Legacy Effects here in the Los Angeles area.

Thumbing Your Way Through



The Stan Winston School of Character Arts is a hotspot for learning the professional techniques necessary to make it big in this business. If you’re serious about pushing your career further, be sure to sign up today.  They recently went one step further with our long time friend and fellow ZBrusher, Cesar Dacol Jr. “The Brazilian Bad Boy” leading the charge by offering the first installment in a ZBrush tutorials series. Cesar is a very busy ZBrusher this month, be sure to check out his user gallery at ZBrushCentral to keep up with his latest work.

Coming Full Circle: An Artist Interview With Cesar Dacol Jr.



It’s not everyday you get to sit with a major player in the creature design business. Cesar Dacol Jr. knows a thing or two about making creepy stuff. He has worked on some major Hollywood blockbusters and continues to expand his involvement with the community through his latest offerings. Check out this in depth interview as Cesar breaks down what got him started and what kept him going. You’ll even hear first hand what his process for creating stems from. There’s a lot more on deck with Cesar and this interview is only the beginning. Stay tuned.

Everything’s Bigger In Texas:Industry Giants 2012



The long shadow is already being cast in anticipation for Industry Giants 2012. This year’s event is being held in Dallas, Texas and promises to be a real barn burner. Be sure to get your ticket while you can and take part in this extravaganza. Industry Giants has been going strong for a full decade. That’s right. Industry Giants is celebrating 10 years of bringing people together from the animation and art worlds. You’ll have a chance to rub elbows with the who’s who of industry professionals and network with the best in the business. It’s a great opportunity with guest speakers and Master Classes as highlights. Some of the guest speakers include our very own Paul Gaboury and ZBrushCentral member, antropus aka Kris Costa of ILM fame. BE THERE!

Blood Runs Deep In Wild Blood



When it comes to mobile games, Gameloft knows how to deliver the goods. With epic hits like Six Guns, The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Adventures of Tintin and the ongoing Nova franchise; it’s safe to say you can count on Gameloft to meet your entertainment needs. With this latest offering, Gameloft delivers Wild Blood. The graphics rival home console gaming and the action is fast paced with mind boggling boss battles. This is the type of stuff you come to expect from your home console. The use of the Unreal engine is a first for the Gameloft crew and makes all the difference in the overall presentation of the game. Blood runs wild in this one. The squeamish need not apply. Be sure to get a copy today for your mobile device at the Gameloft homepage. Thanks to ZBrushCentral member, Dmitry Gaborak aka neverwintered for sharing the latest from the studio. You can see more of Dmitry’s work inside his user gallery.

Peter Konig And The New Pecking Order



Peter Konig is a man who needs no introduction in the world of freaky and creepy. He’s worked on some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster films and contributed his talents to the realm of video games. This latest ZBrushCentral post is nothing short of a twisted journey into the mind of a master designer. The Schpronk leaves us with the impression of  an existence in a place where humans are walking bird feed. The fine detail Peter is able to pull from his sculpture work is something to marvel over. We’re excited to have this latest piece added to Peter’s already dense body of work.

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