Daily Archive for September 6th, 2012

A King Kong Sized Serving Of ZBrush



Check out this giant sized dose of monster power. With his latest ZBrush sculpts, ZBrushCentral member ishikawa_cg aka Yosuke Ishikawa hits an incredible level of realism. The King Kong in these pictures started life as a series of ZSpheres. It was further developed into the creature you see before you by way of Dynamesh and the powerful QRemesher. You can find out more about how to use these features by visiting ZClassroom. No creatures or ZSpheres were harmed in the making of this post.

360 Degress With Carlos Vidal Inside The Turntable Gallery



The latest addition to the ZBrush Turntable Gallery sees Carlos Vidal Torres hammer home this Hyojin Ahn concept. Be sure to stop in at Carlos’ ZBrushCentral user gallery too keep up with his latest ZBrush creations. Carlos’ model was produced for an Arena Net art test. This is the point of entry into the big time for a lot of young aspiring 3d modelers. In case you are wondering, an art test is designed to push potential candidates to the limit of their abilities to ensure they can handle the daily rigors of being in the industry. Arena Net is at the forefront of fantasy adventure gaming with their hard hitting Guild Wars and recently released Guild Wars 2 franchise. Get your copy today!

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