Daily Archive for September 14th, 2012

Rising Up From The Deep



If you are a fan of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, than this latest post by ZBrushCentral artist Gregory Stark is right up your alley. With an old school vibe, we are immediately flashed back to the nautical adventures of Captain Nemo and his mighty Nautilus. This particular sculpt is ready for 3d printing. Can you say pre-order? You can learn more about 3d printing and bringing your ZBrush designs to life, by visiting our video tutorial series on rapid prototyping inside ZClassroom.

The Making Of Cthulhu



Bryan Wynia is no stranger to the process of making creepy looking monsters of mayhem come to life. He continues to teach creature creation tricks at the Laguna College of Art and Design. Recently, he was live on the floor at Siggraph 2012 with a really cool giveaway opportunity at the Pixologic booth. One lucky winner was able to take home a 3d print of his latest Cthulhu sculpt. Now, you can see the entire process and watch this tentacled beast come to life  in a series of videos on ZBrushCentral. To see more of Bryan’s work, be sure to visit his ZBrushCentral user gallery or his blogspot.

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