Daily Archive for September 18th, 2012

Plugin Play With Joseph Drust



He’s at it again! Our good buddy, G.I. Joseph Drust aka Piggyson on the ZBrushCentral forum, has produced another set of resources for the community. This guy is the quintessential team player. With his latest offering, Joseph provides us with a handy solution for working with Insert Brushes, welding verts and generating clean tools. The InsertMesh Master will set your InsertMesh settings before creating an InsertMesh. This is only the beginning. For his next trick, Joseph provides us with the ZWelder. This plugin uses the Import Weld settings to weld verts on the model without leaving ZBrush. Finally, the Clean Tool Master will speed up your workflow when working with Dynamesh and standard subtools. While you’re downloading this incredible free content, be sure to stop in at Joseph’s website and see more of the madness behind the man.

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