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Plugin Play With Joseph Drust



He’s at it again! Our good buddy, G.I. Joseph Drust aka Piggyson on the ZBrushCentral forum, has produced another set of resources for the community. This guy is the quintessential team player. With his latest offering, Joseph provides us with a handy solution for working with Insert Brushes, welding verts and generating clean tools. The InsertMesh Master will set your InsertMesh settings before creating an InsertMesh. This is only the beginning. For his next trick, Joseph provides us with the ZWelder. This plugin uses the Import Weld settings to weld verts on the model without leaving ZBrush. Finally, the Clean Tool Master will speed up your workflow when working with Dynamesh and standard subtools. While you’re downloading this incredible free content, be sure to stop in at Joseph’s website and see more of the madness behind the man.

Turning It A Full 360 Degrees With Andrei Szasz



The ZBrush Turntable Gallery is the place to be if you want to see the latest ZBrush sculpts in dynamic 360 degree views. Be sure to stop in and catch up with this latest post by ZBrushCentral artist, Andrei Szasz. You may remember Andrei’s 2010 Comic Con Challenge submission, Union Jack. This latest alien space captain takes things even further. For an even closer look at Andrei’s work, be sure to stop by his website.

Rising Up From The Deep



If you are a fan of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, than this latest post by ZBrushCentral artist Gregory Stark is right up your alley. With an old school vibe, we are immediately flashed back to the nautical adventures of Captain Nemo and his mighty Nautilus. This particular sculpt is ready for 3d printing. Can you say pre-order? You can learn more about 3d printing and bringing your ZBrush designs to life, by visiting our video tutorial series on rapid prototyping inside ZClassroom.

The Making Of Cthulhu



Bryan Wynia is no stranger to the process of making creepy looking monsters of mayhem come to life. He continues to teach creature creation tricks at the Laguna College of Art and Design. Recently, he was live on the floor at Siggraph 2012 with a really cool giveaway opportunity at the Pixologic booth. One lucky winner was able to take home a 3d print of his latest Cthulhu sculpt. Now, you can see the entire process and watch this tentacled beast come to life  in a series of videos on ZBrushCentral. To see more of Bryan’s work, be sure to visit his ZBrushCentral user gallery or his blogspot.

Facing Off On Network Television



Taking a step back from our monitors and looking at the traditional side of the business for a moment, we are delighted that our own ZBrushCentral member Rod Maxwell makes an appearance as a contestant on Faceoff. Be sure to catch Rod and our old buddy Neville Page, who also appears as a guest judge on the Syfy network’s latest season of Faceoff. In case you are unfamiliar, the program takes contestants from the make-up and special effects industry and has them complete a number of design challenges to see who is the best. You can find out more about the series, now in it’s second season, by visiting the Syfy network homepage.

The Illustrated Dark Knight



If you are familiar with the idea of DC comic’s Elseworlds publications, this latest anti-riot Batman by ZBrushCentral member bestialopolis will really get you going. In the Elseworlds publications, Batman is taken out of the traditional Gotham setting and transplanted to various places and times throughout history. The earliest concept for an Elseworld story idea dates back to Gotham By Gas Light published in 1989. This book featured the talents of Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola and had the caped crusader battling Jack the Ripper in a Victorian era Gotham. The concept was a success and essentially laid the foundations for the Elseworlds stories that followed. This anti-riot Batman sure looks poised to take on crime fighting in the future.

The Many Sides Of Galero



From time to time, there are pieces of work that stand out because they are technically beyond our expectations. In the most hopeful of cases, the technical meets with a strong narrative combining to form a uniquely remarkable piece of work. The narrative quality of this latest Borislav Kechashki aka Galero sculpt, is without question in that category. We are left to fill in the pieces of an untold narrative and it’s easy to imagine that it belongs to a larger world of interesting places and other worldly creatures. Be sure to check out Galero’s user gallery for more interesting creatures. You won’t be disappointed and will probably walk away inspired to tell your own tales.

The Spanish Touch Of Tucho



Tucho Fernandez Calo aka tucho on the ZBRushCentral forum, has just unveiled a new collection of his work. Check out his new online portfolio by visiting his website. You can see more of his creations by visiting his ZBrush user gallery. This latest work features a great collection of props and environment pieces. Remember, the Insert Multi Mesh (IMM) functionality gives you the ability to turn component parts like these into an easy to access collection of ready made pieces. Check out more on the latest features inside ZBrush 4R4. For free video tutorials on how to use these and other tools inside ZBrush, visit ZClassroom.

A King Kong Sized Serving Of ZBrush



Check out this giant sized dose of monster power. With his latest ZBrush sculpts, ZBrushCentral member ishikawa_cg aka Yosuke Ishikawa hits an incredible level of realism. The King Kong in these pictures started life as a series of ZSpheres. It was further developed into the creature you see before you by way of Dynamesh and the powerful QRemesher. You can find out more about how to use these features by visiting ZClassroom. No creatures or ZSpheres were harmed in the making of this post.

360 Degress With Carlos Vidal Inside The Turntable Gallery



The latest addition to the ZBrush Turntable Gallery sees Carlos Vidal Torres hammer home this Hyojin Ahn concept. Be sure to stop in at Carlos’ ZBrushCentral user gallery too keep up with his latest ZBrush creations. Carlos’ model was produced for an Arena Net art test. This is the point of entry into the big time for a lot of young aspiring 3d modelers. In case you are wondering, an art test is designed to push potential candidates to the limit of their abilities to ensure they can handle the daily rigors of being in the industry. Arena Net is at the forefront of fantasy adventure gaming with their hard hitting Guild Wars and recently released Guild Wars 2 franchise. Get your copy today!

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