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Close Encounters



Somewhere out there beyond the stratosphere, a creature dances a harmless space waltz with a lone astronaut. Although the astronaut may not find it too harmless! Tomas Kral, who is no stranger to the Top Row, has posted a ton of angles and closeups of his recent creation, “Space Waltz.” His attention to detail and introspective narrative about the possible realities of a confrontation with a space squid are nothing short of whimsical. Thomas did all the sculpting in ZBrush, used Photoshop for texturing, and then put it in Softimge and rendered it using Metal ray.

Check out Tomas’s thread at ZBrushCentral for more detailed images. If you’re looking for more inspiration, take a gander at his User Gallery.

If you’re inspired by Tomas’s thread and want to create your own space monster, ZClassroom has the resources you need to make images just like this one. Check out our artist tutorial series with Michael Pavlovich to learn more about how you can create tentacles for your beasts, using the Insert Mesh functionality with Curve mode.

New Turntable from Ricardo Luis Mariano



Our newest member of the Turntable Gallery, Ricardo Luis Mariano, has just been added to the ranks with his “Illidan” sculpt. He primarily uses ZBrush for his artwork, and says that it’s an indispensable tool to make his creations come to life. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

Check out Ricardo’s “Illidan” in 360 view at the Turntable Gallery, and for more images and ZBrush screen grabs, check out his User Gallery at ZBrushCentral.

Taking A Bite Outta The Apple



Due to hurricane Sandy, this event has been canceled. We will post an update if it is rescheduled. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope those on the east coast get through this disaster unharmed.

Join Pixologic Inc. and NYU inside the Center for Advanced Digital Applications on Friday November 2, 2012. We’ll be diving deep into the latest features inside ZBrush 4R4 and fielding questions live on the floor. Pixologic’s Lead Application Engineer, Paul Gaboury, will be discussing topics such as the new QRemesher, the Topology brush, creating MeshInsert brushes, how to create hard surface models in ZBrush, and much more.

Visit the CADA sign up page for more information on upcoming events. Best of all, admission is FREE!

The event is scheduled from 6:30-8:00 pm and is located at 11 West 42nd Street (between 5th and 6th Avenue) 10th Floor-Room 1027 New York, NY 10036

Character Design in ZBrush 4R4 with Danny Williams



The folks at Visualarium have released another new course! Danny WIlliams aka “Poinpusher” and founder of LunchCrunch will teach you how to SPEED SCULPT your CHARACTERS IN ZBrush4R4 in Live Online Class. Why Speed Sculpt? When sculpting in ZBrush it is common to get carried away with details or technical problems. Speed sculpting is about blasting through those barriers and quickly getting to a result. It forces you to become faster, more efficient sculptor. Being faster lets you iterate through all the bad ideas and get to the good ones before everyone else! Its an important tool in a professional artist’s life and is something Danny will spend a good amount of time on in this course.

Reserve your spot in this class before it fills up, at

Featured ZBC Thread: carver



Today’s Top Row thread comes from Derek Pendleton (aka “carver” at ZBC), a beta tester from ZBrush 4R4. He started this Cassowary while he was beta testing, and was recently able to pick it back up again. The entire image was created in ZBrush using FiberMesh and rendered with BPR. And the final image was composited in Photoshop. We’re pretty impressed with his FiberMesh skills!

Check out Derek’s top row thread at ZBrushCentral, and check out more work from him in his user gallery.

And in case you missed his previous Top Row thread from February, Derek posted the Performance Balls he created for a series of Bridgestone Super Bowl commercials.

bluegfx expo 2012



UK based ZBrush reseller, bluegfx, are again hosting their annual bluegfx expo event which is a day dedicated to CG and VFX production. Pixologic is a sponsor to this year’s event once again.

We are thrilled to be involved and we have two of our favorite evangelists demonstrating the power of ZBrush. Glen Southern HYPERLINK is a veteran ZBrush artist of over 12 years whilst David Richardson is an up and coming Artist with a natural flair to conceptualize his ideas on screen using ZBrush as his tool of choice. To see them both in action, please register at

Tricks And Some Treats From Digital Tutors



It’s shaping up to be a full bag worth of treats type Halloween. Our friends over at Digital Tutors are pulling out all the stops with their latest Monster sized freebie. That’s right, for a limited time, you’ll have access to a FREE Monster Sculpting Techniques intro and overview EXCLUSIVELY in ZBrush with Fabrizio Bortolussi.

Follow along, as Fabrizio designs and builds a creepy Halloween haunter guaranteed to shock your friends. He’ll be covering everything from concept sculpting, to finishing techniques aimed at taking your work to scary new levels of realism.

Be sure to visit Digital Tutors for more exclusive content featuring industry pros. Sign up here, for this awesome Halloween free for all. You better move quick, these treats expire November 4, 2012.

Remember, ZClassroom is the place to get started with digital sculpting in ZBrush. Visit the sculpting section for more in-depth, FREE video tutorials.

Doing It Live At The Academy of Art University



Join Pixologic and the Academy of Art University, for an evening of digital clay exploration. This is a rare opportunity to sit with members of the Pixologic Team, as they detail various workflows and functionality inside ZBrush 4R4. Instructor Dave Wolf will also be in attendance, demonstrating the use of ZBrush for illustration. Keep your ears to the street for more events featuring industry artists and members of the Pixologic Team. Visit the user group page for updates and recaps of the latest shindigs. We always excited to meet members of the community. For more in-depth video tutorials on features and functions inside ZBrush, visit ZClassroom.

Urban Legend Reborn



ZBrushCentral member, Robert Borashan aka polaroid29, makes his contribution to the Pixologic TurnTable Gallery with a mouth-watering rendition of the mythical Chupacabra. The Chupacabra is fabled to stalk its prey under the blanket of night and leave villagers in fear until morning. The name literally means, “goatsucker” and is derived from tales of farmers in the southern United States and parts of Mexico finding livestock sucked of their blood at the rise of dawn. No one knows for sure, but we’d say it’s safer to stay in after dark.

Robert used ZSpheres, Dynamesh and BPR rendering to bring the Chupacabra to life inside ZBrush. You can learn more about using these features and many more, by visiting ZClassroom where FREE video tutorials are waiting to help you bring your next urban legend to life.

Challenge for the world’s best digital art has begun



CGSociety has been celebrating their first ten years as the premier site for digital artists worldwide. As a major part of these celebrations, they have launched CGChallenge XXVII: TEN

For more info about the challenge, visit

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