Daily Archive for October 5th, 2012

New From Digital Tutors



Digital Tutors has just released EIGHT new ZBrush courses, including five from their Creative Development courses and one from their Professional Series! Be sure to check out more of their latest and greatest at our Third Party Training Page.

Creative Development: Sculpting a Creature Bust in ZBrush with Lee Magalhães

Creative Development: Animated Turntable Techniques in ZBrush and After Effects with Brad Groatman

Mesh Insert Techniques in ZBrush

Working Quickly in ZBrush

Creative Development: Sci-Fi Vehicle Modeling and Texturing in Maya and ZBrush with Maxim Fleury

Creative Development: Rapid Concept Art Techniques in Photoshop and ZBrush with Ismail Wamala

Professional Series: Game Asset Production Pipeline

Creative Development: Building Futuristic Armor in ZBrush with Peter Minister

At The Spear’s Edge



The ZBrush TurnTable gallery is continuing to grow with each passing day. The latest addition to the gallery comes from ZBrushCentral member, Spyridon Boviatsos. His latest creation will have you reaching for your suit of armor in preparation for battle. Don’t forget to visit his user gallery to see more great ZBrush sculpts. If you are interested in sculpting accessories for your models, be sure to visit ZClassroom for dedicated video tutorials on this and many other subjects.

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