Daily Archive for October 16th, 2012

3D Environment Modeling with David Lesperance



One of the areas that just doesn’t get enough coverage in the ZBrush world is Environment Modeling and Sculpting. And that is just not right since that is one of the hottest jobs in the industry right now!
So join David Lesperance for his upcoming course, 3D Environment Modeling. To watch a preview webinar and sign up for the class, visit Visualarium.com.

Building One Village At A Time



Building a village is an undertaking to say the least. Lifting that village high up onto the TopRow is another story. Well, that’s just what ZBrushCentral member tarekjsamaan has done with his latest piece. The concept took form from 2d artwork created by artist Nils Eckhardt and evolved into 3d environment pieces for an online Facebook game. You can see more work inside tarekjsamaan’s user gallery.

There’s A New King Of The Castle



ZBrushCentral member Craig Kitzmann aka Mrguy, becomes Mr.King on the TopRow with his latest post. Stop in and visit the endearing world of characters and creatures making up this new age fiefdom. You’ll even be treated to a few environmental pieces to complete the package. Don’t forget to visit Craig’s homepage for more royal sculpting action. Learn about making environment pieces come to life with features like FiberMesh in our free video tutorials inside ZClassroom.

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