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The Original Femme Fatale



The art of creating believable and enticing female characters is a gift not all artists are endowed with. Many work long and hard to come to a desirable conclusion. The difficult part for many is making the design seem effortless. The genre is filled with chesty, buxom beauties but it’s the quiet flair in execution that makes a Sze Jones piece stand out.

Sze Jones is an artist whose reputation as a go to designer of the Femme fatale precedes her. Sze has been at it for some time and has garnered the respect of a seasoned veteran by paying her dues over the years.

Now, in this incredible life changing opportunity at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art (LAAFA), students can finally sit with Sze and dive deeper into the philosophy and techniques used to create her work. Check out our artist interview featuring Sze and have a closer look at what makes this dynamo tick. For interviews with other high end artists, visit the Pixologic artist interview pages.


And That’s The Bottom Line



It’s been some time since the Monday Night Wars of the late 1990′s. Wrestling was back in vogue and celebrated by millions across the nation. Ratings soared and the WWE and WCW fought weekly to keep viewers coming back for more. Out of this fireball of energy, one wrestler rose to the level of house hold superstardom. Stone Cold Steve Austin was to male teenagers of the period, what Twisted Sister was to their older brothers only a generation before. With his no nonsense, beer drinking, finger raising bad attitude, Stone Cold captivated audiences weekly with his “oh hell yeah” and “that’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so” catch phrases. Never before had a generation of viewers witnessed an employee beating down his boss and drinking a can of beer on national television. This was truly a time for celebration. ZBrushCentral member, winking, seems to be keeping the love for Stone Cold alive with this TopRow sculpt. This latest piece has the original bad-boy fully decked out with an axe in hand, ready to take on all comers. You can check out more of winking’s work by visiting his user gallery. Visit ZClassroom for more information on things like generating jaw breaking final renders.

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