Daily Archive for October 26th, 2012

Character Design in ZBrush 4R4 with Danny Williams



The folks at Visualarium have released another new course! Danny WIlliams aka “Poinpusher” and founder of LunchCrunch will teach you how to SPEED SCULPT your CHARACTERS IN ZBrush4R4 in Live Online Class. Why Speed Sculpt? When sculpting in ZBrush it is common to get carried away with details or technical problems. Speed sculpting is about blasting through those barriers and quickly getting to a result. It forces you to become faster, more efficient sculptor. Being faster lets you iterate through all the bad ideas and get to the good ones before everyone else! Its an important tool in a professional artist’s life and is something Danny will spend a good amount of time on in this course.

Reserve your spot in this class before it fills up, at Visualarium.com/Danny-Williams/

Featured ZBC Thread: carver



Today’s Top Row thread comes from Derek Pendleton (aka “carver” at ZBC), a beta tester from ZBrush 4R4. He started this Cassowary while he was beta testing, and was recently able to pick it back up again. The entire image was created in ZBrush using FiberMesh and rendered with BPR. And the final image was composited in Photoshop. We’re pretty impressed with his FiberMesh skills!

Check out Derek’s top row thread at ZBrushCentral, and check out more work from him in his user gallery.

And in case you missed his previous Top Row thread from February, Derek posted the Performance Balls he created for a series of Bridgestone Super Bowl commercials.

bluegfx expo 2012



UK based ZBrush reseller, bluegfx, are again hosting their annual bluegfx expo event which is a day dedicated to CG and VFX production. Pixologic is a sponsor to this year’s event once again.

We are thrilled to be involved and we have two of our favorite evangelists demonstrating the power of ZBrush. Glen Southern HYPERLINK is a veteran ZBrush artist of over 12 years whilst David Richardson is an up and coming Artist with a natural flair to conceptualize his ideas on screen using ZBrush as his tool of choice. To see them both in action, please register at www.bluegfxexpo.co.uk.

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