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The Original Femme Fatale



The art of creating believable and enticing female characters is a gift not all artists are endowed with. Many work long and hard to come to a desirable conclusion. The difficult part for many is making the design seem effortless. The genre is filled with chesty, buxom beauties but it’s the quiet flair in execution that makes a Sze Jones piece stand out.

Sze Jones is an artist whose reputation as a go to designer of the Femme fatale precedes her. Sze has been at it for some time and has garnered the respect of a seasoned veteran by paying her dues over the years.

Now, in this incredible life changing opportunity at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art (LAAFA), students can finally sit with Sze and dive deeper into the philosophy and techniques used to create her work. Check out our artist interview featuring Sze and have a closer look at what makes this dynamo tick. For interviews with other high end artists, visit the Pixologic artist interview pages.


And That’s The Bottom Line



It’s been some time since the Monday Night Wars of the late 1990′s. Wrestling was back in vogue and celebrated by millions across the nation. Ratings soared and the WWE and WCW fought weekly to keep viewers coming back for more. Out of this fireball of energy, one wrestler rose to the level of house hold superstardom. Stone Cold Steve Austin was to male teenagers of the period, what Twisted Sister was to their older brothers only a generation before. With his no nonsense, beer drinking, finger raising bad attitude, Stone Cold captivated audiences weekly with his “oh hell yeah” and “that’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so” catch phrases. Never before had a generation of viewers witnessed an employee beating down his boss and drinking a can of beer on national television. This was truly a time for celebration. ZBrushCentral member, winking, seems to be keeping the love for Stone Cold alive with this TopRow sculpt. This latest piece has the original bad-boy fully decked out with an axe in hand, ready to take on all comers. You can check out more of winking’s work by visiting his user gallery. Visit ZClassroom for more information on things like generating jaw breaking final renders.

Cosmic Dancer



ZBrush artist Kurt Papstein is no slouch when it comes to creating interstellar characters from far-off lands. This latest tiny dancer looks like she just stepped out from a cosmic dance hall to catch some air. Check her out as a feature inside the pages of 3D Artist Magazine issue 47. The issue presents a full breakdown of how our homeboy KPtoons brought her to life. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a collection of models, brushes and Insert brushes created by Kurt inside. It’s enough to make you wanna get up and dance.

Visit ZClassroom, for more FREE video tutorials on topics like Insert brushes and much more.

Inside The Insectoid



The latest edition of 3D World Magazine features an in depth tutorial with industry heavyweight, Scott Spencer. Follow along as Scott takes you into the process of creating this alien insectoid using the newest features inside ZBrush. You can dive deeper into creature creation with Scott by grabbing a copy of his latest book, “ZBrush Creature Design:Creating Dynamic Concept Imagery For Film and Games.” For more video tutorials, check out ZClassroom. We’ve assembled a collection covering everything from the basics to advanced functions inside ZBrush.

3D Environment Modeling with David Lesperance



One of the areas that just doesn’t get enough coverage in the ZBrush world is Environment Modeling and Sculpting. And that is just not right since that is one of the hottest jobs in the industry right now!
So join David Lesperance for his upcoming course, 3D Environment Modeling. To watch a preview webinar and sign up for the class, visit

Building One Village At A Time



Building a village is an undertaking to say the least. Lifting that village high up onto the TopRow is another story. Well, that’s just what ZBrushCentral member tarekjsamaan has done with his latest piece. The concept took form from 2d artwork created by artist Nils Eckhardt and evolved into 3d environment pieces for an online Facebook game. You can see more work inside tarekjsamaan’s user gallery.

There’s A New King Of The Castle



ZBrushCentral member Craig Kitzmann aka Mrguy, becomes Mr.King on the TopRow with his latest post. Stop in and visit the endearing world of characters and creatures making up this new age fiefdom. You’ll even be treated to a few environmental pieces to complete the package. Don’t forget to visit Craig’s homepage for more royal sculpting action. Learn about making environment pieces come to life with features like FiberMesh in our free video tutorials inside ZClassroom.

Round And Round We Go



In this latest TurnTable Gallery submission, Patricio Rualas Lopez’s hero draws first blood against a megalithic serpent. This piece takes us back to the Frank Frazetta days of scantily clad muscle men, fighting creatures from the bowels of the earth. Get yourself over to ZClassroom, for more on building great models with features like, Dynamesh and the Transpose functions.

3 New Programs from Phoenix Atelier



Phoenix Atelier, a new online school founded by industry veteran Cesar Dacol, Jr, has just released three new programs in their lineup. Each program is curriculum based and lasts 8 weeks. Just like any school, you will have new daily content and assignments given to you, and once a week you will be invited to a live session where your instructor will review and critique your work.

Learn more about Phoenix Atelier and check out a few free videos at their website.

Available Courses
Anatomy Foundation with Cesar Brandao – Learn More
Creature Creation for Production with Cesar Dacol Jr. – Learn More
Creature Design: Gift of Sight with Cesar Dacol Jr. – Learn More

Creature Sculpting with Jordu Schell



Once in a lifetime opportunity to learn and Master Clay Sculpting/Painting in Jordu’s Way and ZBrush Sculpting in Ryan’s Way. Two great Artists are collaborating for first-of-its-kind sculpting course composed of both a clay track & a ZBrush track. This course is ideal for both digital artists wanting to refine their skills with clay & for those traditional artists wanting to learn how to work as digital artists. Visit Visualarium for more info.

Sign up for the class at

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