Urban Legend Reborn

Posted on October 22, 2012 by Melissa


ZBrushCentral member, Robert Borashan aka polaroid29, makes his contribution to the Pixologic TurnTable Gallery with a mouth-watering rendition of the mythical Chupacabra. The Chupacabra is fabled to stalk its prey under the blanket of night and leave villagers in fear until morning. The name literally means, “goatsucker” and is derived from tales of farmers in the southern United States and parts of Mexico finding livestock sucked of their blood at the rise of dawn. No one knows for sure, but we’d say it’s safer to stay in after dark.

Robert used ZSpheres, Dynamesh and BPR rendering to bring the Chupacabra to life inside ZBrush. You can learn more about using these features and many more, by visiting ZClassroom where FREE video tutorials are waiting to help you bring your next urban legend to life.