Daily Archive for November 8th, 2012

New DVD From The Gnomon Workshop



The Gnomon Workshop has recently released a new DVD from ZBrush master Eric Keller: Hyper-real Insect Design. In this lecture, Eric uses his background in scientific visualization to discuss scientific methodologies for creating an original creature concept. He discusses how he uses insect physiology and evolutionary biology to construct a believable back story for his original insect concept and then walks you through every step of constructing the concept in ZBrush 4R4.

Watch and learn as Eric uses Spotlight for reference images and texturing, DynaMesh for creating a base mesh, QRemesher and the Topology Brush for retopologizing, ZSpheres for creating wing detail, and finally as he exports the textures and displacement maps from ZBrush.

Purchase the DVD or subscribe to The Gnomon Workshop here.

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