Daily Archive for November 21st, 2012

Turntable Gallery Updates



We have updates to the turntable gallery from three existing members! David Richardson, Adam Sacco, and Maarten Verhoeven have provided a combined total of 11 new images to view in the round.

The shoe David made for a commercial was sculpted and textured in ZBrush; he used nearly every tool within the program to achieve the realistic look. Check out his thread at ZBC to see the final renders.

Adam has provided a few sculpts, including Sabertooth from X-Men, a bust of Bruce Willis, and many more. He often relies heavily on ZBrush for the sculpting, painting, and the Multi-Map Exporter. See more artwork from Adam at his user gallery at ZBC.

Maarten definitely has a diverse style, and it’s reflected in the turntables he’s just added. A creepy bug, an ape, and Marty McFly are just a few examples of his recent work. Take a look at Maarten’s user gallery at ZBC to see how he makes heavy use of the sculpting tools within ZBrush.

Many of the images you’ll see on these artist’s threads are in their Turntable Galleries, so now you’ll be able to view them in the round!

Sitting Down with Olivier Thill



Many of you will remember our interview with Olivier Thill (Luxo) about “Henk” — A graphic novel being created with ZBrush and some clever use of its materials system. That interview led to some very interesting things! Because of it, Olivier was recruited by Edition Soleil to apply his techniques in the creation of a twelve-volume comic series. The first book has now been released and we were anxious to spend time catching up with Olivier to get the inside track on this very unique approach to ZBrush.

The story blends Greek mythology with futuristic sci-fi. It’s only appropriate that the art should blend 2D illustration with 3D!

Visit the Interview Here

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