Daily Archive for November 22nd, 2012

It’s Hair Raising



Fresh off the foot-heels of the CTN Expo held here in sunny Burbank California, Michael Defeo demonstrates more inside tips and tricks in his, “Hair Details with a Curvetube Brush” video. Check out this latest FREE video brought to you by schoolism. If it’s art you’re after, check out schoolism for more learning resources and critiques from other industry leaders. With a list of courses ranging from traditional to digital, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

You can keep learning more about InsertMesh brushes and the Curve mode by visiting ZClassroom. With dedicated videos, led by industry pros like Michael Pavlovich, we’re sure you’ll get the resources you need.

A Walk Down Memory Lane



If you are a fan of Disney inspired art work, have we got a treat for you! Be sure to check out the latest ZBrushCentral post by Leslie Van den Broeck, aka Polydrawer. With a collection of characters ranging from various periods in the Disney catalogue, it’s like a virtual walk down Main St. USA with this Top Row thread. Be sure to check out his blog for even more sculpting goodness.

You can learn to sculpt characters and creatures by checking out our Sculpting section inside ZClassroom. With ZClassroom, you’ll gain access to video tutorials designed to help you create freely and without constraints.

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