Doing It Italian Style



Alessandro Baldasseroni is one ZBrushCentral member who needs no introduction. The man has achieved international success and is a major part of the magic coming out of the Blur Studio. As a Lead Character Modeler, Alessandro continues bringing life to some unforgettable characters in what are unanimously hailed as industry leading cinematic trailers.

This latest ZBrushCentral post by Alessandro aka eklettica, sees a couple of new characters added to the already healthy roster inside his user gallery. Using features like Decimation Master and generating displacement/UV maps inside of ZBrush allow Alessandro an added level of creative freedom. You can learn more about features like these inside ZClassroom.

If you want a more intimate understanding of Alessandro’s workflow, be sure to watch first-hand as he goes through the design process of creating stylized characters inside ZBrush with, “Stylized Character Modeling for Production” released by The Gnomon Workshop.

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