Featured ZBC Thread: Jerod Bogh

Posted on November 2, 2012 by Melissa


We have an incredible Top Row thread to get your weekend started. Hive FX artist Jerod Bogh (aka jBogh at ZBrushCentral) has posted a slew of artwork, a time lapse video, and screen shots from the TV series Grimm. The crew at Hive FX specialize in the “morphing” that is often used in the show. Starting from a base mesh, Jerod first sculpts the actors using reference views. He then uses concept art or a prosthetic reference image to morph them into creatures or monsters on a separate 3D layer. He likens the process to traditional prosthetics, but with the power and speed of digital sculpting.

Jerod also included a side by side image of the Sabertooth Marnassier using different BPR renders. The first is SkinShade4 at default with basic lighting, and the second is a result of a technique he learned from “ZBrush Professional Tips and Techniques,” a book by our own Paul Gaboury. (You can pick up a copy of the book here.)

If you’re looking for some weekend sculpting inspiration, check out all of the goodies in Jerod’s thread.