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Doing It Italian Style



Alessandro Baldasseroni is one ZBrushCentral member who needs no introduction. The man has achieved international success and is a major part of the magic coming out of the Blur Studio. As a Lead Character Modeler, Alessandro continues bringing life to some unforgettable characters in what are unanimously hailed as industry leading cinematic trailers.

This latest ZBrushCentral post by Alessandro aka eklettica, sees a couple of new characters added to the already healthy roster inside his user gallery. Using features like Decimation Master and generating displacement/UV maps inside of ZBrush allow Alessandro an added level of creative freedom. You can learn more about features like these inside ZClassroom.

If you want a more intimate understanding of Alessandro’s workflow, be sure to watch first-hand as he goes through the design process of creating stylized characters inside ZBrush with, “Stylized Character Modeling for Production” released by The Gnomon Workshop.

New Turntable Gallery: Matthew Kean



Matthew Kean is no stranger to the ZBrush community. He’s a regular beta tester and frequent poster at ZBrushCentral, often providing time lapse videos and tutorials along with his artwork. Clearly, his addition to the Turntable Gallery is long overdue. Matthew has provided us with a whopping 8 images for his gallery, ranging from cartoon-esque busts to mythical creatures. Most, if not all, of his sculpts started as speed sculpts from a DynaMesh sphere. He tends to stay exclusively in ZBrush for modeling and texturing, and even retopology with the addition of QRemesher.

Visit our Turntable Gallery to see Matthew’s images in the round. To see more of his artwork, visit his User Gallery at ZBrushCentral and his website at

New From Visualarium: Learning Illustration in ZBrush 4R4 with Meats Meier



An award-winning digital artist, Meats’ experience casts a wide net on a range of artistic fields. His past titles include: airbrush artist, lead artist at Beyond Games, a video game studio, and technical director/compositor at the Orphanage on such feature films as Hellboy and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

As a successful independent artist Meats’ artwork has been featured on the covers of numerous books, magazines, and web sites. He was honored with the prestigious “Maya Master” title by Alias at SIGGRAPH 2003.

You can see his most recent work in the music video world and stage visuals for bands such as Tool, Puscifer, Smashing Pumpkins and the recent Roger Waters “The Wall” live shows.

Sign up for “Learning Illustration in ZBrush 4R4″ with Meats Meier at

Featured ZBC Thread: tes3d



Our latest Top Row thread comes from Czech artist Robin Benes, aka tes3d. Robin’s “Venom Hunter” (inspired by the Murloc creatures from World of Warcraft) was modeled in ZBrush and 3ds Max, textured and composited in Photoshop, rendered in Mental Ray, and the hair and fur was done in Hair Farm. He’s posted a bunch of WIP shots, so be sure to scroll down in his thread to see those.

This isn’t the first time Robin has had a Top Row thread. Check out his Goblin Pirate from last year.

Visit Robin’s Top Row thread and see more artwork from him at his ZBC User Gallery.

55 New Online Classes from Gnomon



In their latest offering, the Gnomon School of Visual Effects is leaving nothing to chance. Fans and information thirsty artists will have access to a whopping 55 online courses! Course offerings range in topics dealing with everything from traditional art, to high-end computer graphics. Gnomon’s online classes are taught by some of the most relevant industry artists working today. Take this rare opportunity to learn topics like, Creature Modeling and Character Modeling in ZBrush first hand from the likes of Scott Spencer and Mark Dedecker. You can find a full list of ZBrush classes by visiting the school’s website.

The Gnomon School of Visual Effects is known the world over for its commitment to providing the highest educational resources to students from around the world. With a campus situated here in Hollywood, you can bet students are rubbing shoulders with the best in the business. If you can’t make it out to the campus don’t worry, these latest additions to their online learning resources will keep you busy. Remember, they also offer a myriad of DVDs under the moniker of the Gnomon Workshop.

Be sure to “Take Learning to the Next Level” with the latest features and functions inside ZBrush by visiting ZClassroom. With constantly updated video tutorials hosted by members of the Pixologic Team, your questions are only a click away from being answers.

Featured ZBC Thread: Gutalin



ZBrushCentral veteran Alex Kozhanov, aka Gutalin, has been dubbed Top Row worthy again (the last time was for his piece titled “District 23“) for his sculpt titled “Elysium.” It takes him a lot of time and experimentation before he lands on his final idea, but once he does, the final product is awe-inspiring. If you’re a fan of H.R. Giger, you’ll most likely be a fan of Gutalin!

Take a look at his most recent creation at ZBrushCentral, and see more of his artwork at his user gallery.

ZBrush User Group Meeting: CTN Expo



Pixologic is proud to be in attendance at the CTN Expo for the forth year running. Join us at Booth 52/57 for a three day double booth explosion. You’ll see live demonstrations with industry pros and have direct access to members of the Pixologic Team. Be there as we dive into the latest features and provide insightful tips on how to generate high end illustrations and sculptures.

Click here to register, and use promotional code BRUSHX12 for a discount!

New Turntable Gallery from Tihomir Dimitrov



We would like to send a warm welcome to Tihomir Dimitrov, our newest member of the Turntable Gallery. Known as SculptIt at ZBC, Tihomir has recently sculpted a scene capturing a chase between a warthog and a cheetah. He was able to achieve a mood of action and tension in his sculpts, and his use of FiberMesh adds a feeling of movement to the piece.

See Tihomir’s sculpt at our Turntable Gallery, and check out his final render at ZBrushCentral.

New DVD From The Gnomon Workshop



The Gnomon Workshop has recently released a new DVD from ZBrush master Eric Keller: Hyper-real Insect Design. In this lecture, Eric uses his background in scientific visualization to discuss scientific methodologies for creating an original creature concept. He discusses how he uses insect physiology and evolutionary biology to construct a believable back story for his original insect concept and then walks you through every step of constructing the concept in ZBrush 4R4.

Watch and learn as Eric uses Spotlight for reference images and texturing, DynaMesh for creating a base mesh, QRemesher and the Topology Brush for retopologizing, ZSpheres for creating wing detail, and finally as he exports the textures and displacement maps from ZBrush.

Purchase the DVD or subscribe to The Gnomon Workshop here.

Featured ZBC Thread: Lotus



Our latest Top Row thread is from a member new to the gallery: Alexander Beim, aka Lotus. His render of the epic Bruce Lee uses many of the new features Alexander has been learning. He posted a few ZBrush screenshots, also. The sculpt is an amazing likeness, but his texturing gives it that added bump to bring an incredible likeness to the render. We can’t wait to see what Alexander comes up with next!

Check out Alexander’s Top Row Thread, and see more artwork from him at his user gallery at ZBrushCentral.

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